Branding Knowledge You Need to Know

posted on July 10, 2018

Branding Knowledge You Need to Know

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Branding is not just about one thing in particular. Branding is about everything in the company did. It will represent and set how people perceived your brand. So what exactly is branding? How do you do branding to your business?

Previously, we’ve talked about brand identity and how to establish a good brand identity. This time, we will discuss branding and what you need to know about it.

Let’s start with one question, what makes you fond of a product? Most people will answer that the quality of the product. Now that you know that, what makes you able to easily identify and choose the product in the first place? The answer to that is the strong influence of a brand to a product.

There are many products of a brand that has proven its succession through smart branding strategies. So by definition, branding is a marketing practice by a company to build a name, symbol, or designs that can be easily associated with the company.

Why do you need branding?

An effective branding can help to sell more of your product. With a strong branding, your business will stand out more than your competitor. Indirectly, branding can also affect the number of sales of your business. And in a long-term, the company will have more value if the brand itself is strong.

Psychologically, the customer tends to love and willing to spend more money to buy branded products. This is called brand equity. This kind of lifestyle starts from the assumption formed by the public that branded products has high-qualities. Utilizing that paradigm, you can bring your products to the highest level with branding.

The first task is to introduce your products and its advantages to potential customer through effective branding strategy. The better the strategy, the more optimal is the result. The ultimate goal is to instill a “soul” in your products in customer’s mind. You want to say that without the presence of your product, your customer’s needs won’t be fulfilled.

Main Elements of Branding

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So, what are the main elements of a successful branding? There are at least 4 elements that needed to be paid attention to.

  • Main Idea

Before starting a branding project for a certain product, you have to understand the main idea of it. The main idea includes a summary of your business’ and the product’s character. This is what differentiates your product from others.

There are several questions to help you get the main idea. What do you offer? What makes you different and has more to offer than your competitor? What does the customer wants and needs? Answering the questions will help you to get clear guidelines about your product.

  • Vision

The second element is the company’s vision. A vision of the company serves as a “compass” to where the business will go. By knowing where or what the destination is, you can start to plan the journey. In this case, vision can be general or specific. But with a specific vision, it will be easier for you to set the right strategy to achieve the goal.

Your vision is the foundation that can create the uniqueness of the product to stand out from the others.

  • Value

Branding elements should include the values of the company. The branding value itself has to have the beliefs of your business and about the business itself. It is important to make sure that the values are real and as a proof of your business journey.

  • Personality

The brand character is how the business or the product want to be seen by the public. So, it is important to synchronize the brand character and the product itself. Some strategies to deliver a brand is through graphic design, tone, and language used by customers, customer service, and so on.

Branding Techniques

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After knowing what kind of brand to be built, you should decide on the branding technique to be used. There are several branding techniques that can be applied, whether through advertising, a certain event, or staff training.

  • Storytelling: using this strategy means you deliver your brand’s identity such as packaging and marketing materials with a story.

  • Credibility: the claim you put on your brand has to be credible with values that can be trusted.

  • Differentiation: what makes you different from your competitor?

  • Engaging: if you stand out from others for positive reasons and credible communications, you will draw attention and the customer will see what you have to offer.

  • Product portfolio: by focusing on a few key products or services, it will help your consumers to get the idea of your brand.

  • Endorsed brands: you can create a new brand within the same company, and use the ‘parent’ brand of the company to endorse.

  • Naming: a brand’s name is important to set the tone and show the personality of your brand. Make sure the name has not been used before and protected by the law.

  • Consistency: you have to show consistency in any fields of business. Hire a designer can help to keep the consistency and still be able to explore the possibilities of developing the brand.

How to Communicate a Brand to Customer

One of the marketing secrets is to know what controls your customer, and what drives them to buy. When defining the brand’s value and customer’s needs, you can start building awareness with consistency.

Remember that every relationship that you build with the customer has to strengthen the brand, including the logo, business’ name, and packaging. How do they feel towards your brand?

Why is Brand Important?

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So, what exactly is the importance of a brand for a company? Here are a few reasons why.

    • A brand is important to acquire recognition. Recognition in the business industry has a great value. With many branding elements such as logo, the business will become more well-known to the public.

    • Branding obviously can bring your business to the top and increases your business value. Company with a strong brand has the bigger effect of attracting investment opportunities.

    • A strong branding can generate new customers. The power of branding is usually because of the positive things. People will also feel safe to do business with a company with a strong brand because they feel familiar with the brand itself.

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So that’s branding knowledge you need to know, we hope it’s useful! Need help with branding? We are able to help you, just email us at


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