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Branding 101

posted on June 1, 2016

Branding 101

A good brand is supposed to be recognizable easily to well-represent the business, whether its small-scale like startups or a big enterprise.

A brand is not to be confused with its product. Simply put, a product is something we need, whereas brand is something we want and we feel towards the product.


Brand identity is the way a business communicates and represents its character and values through the use of certain design elements, such as symbols, colors, and typography. It could reflect emotional and personal aspect towards the consumers. In other words, brand identity is like what people say about us, when we are not in the room.

Prior to defining your brand, some exploration in depth into your company should be the best way to start. You can use the traditional SWOT analysis to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats your company has. Gather everyone in your company and your customers to ease things up.

Establishing your brand identity is not an easy and quick process. It involves reputation that needs to be built and strengthened in quite a long time, but also seems fragile when it's done. Therefore, there are several suggested steps you might want to look at to get a solid image on your company's identity.

1. Concept and strategy

This is the first, yet crucial step in the overall brand creation. It includes the development of your company's vision and mission that highlight the uniqueness, future plans and market, essence to show what kind of emotion you want your customers to feel towards your brand, personality to emphasise the character of your company, and your company's position in the market.



2. Competitiveness

Learn from other companies out there that you might consider as your rivals to determine what makes yours different than others.

3. Logo creation


A logo is an essential element in brand identity that lets the consumers recognise your business. A logo is constructed based on the aforementioned concept and strategy, through careful selection of design elements. However, it should be noted that the logo itself won't save your business, but the value will. Make sure that your core value in your products or services truly reflects what it is shown in the logo. This will definitely strengthen your identity and position in the market.

4. Careful with the look


For your promotion materials, use the high-quality images with a unified tone between each campaign to manage how you communicate your brand to your market. The use of colours, typefaces, icons and images should be carefully associated with your brand and how your consumers are getting it.

5. Social media influence


Do not underestimate the power of social media these days, or it will be the biggest mistake you will ever do to your brand. Social media is a great tool to strengthen your brand power through certain characters. Indonesia is one of the biggest contributors in this social media frenzy, and you should not ignore this fact.



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Now that you get a clearer picture on how to construct your own brand identity, feel free to start doing so. Of course, this can be done more effectively by some experts. Should you find yourself lost in the difficulties, call us Kamarupa or a message here, and we'll be happy to sort things out for you.

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