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A good day for us and Indonesian families: Medina’s brand launching

posted on March 10, 2017

A good day for us and Indonesian families: Medina’s brand launching

March 9, 2017 was a big day for one brand that we helped create, hence a big day for us, too! Medina was finally launched and introduced as the first houseware brand that has been certified halal by Majelis Ulama Indonesia, which is a good thing for families all across Indonesia.

Medina Product Launching - Coral canister

Medina Product Launching - Food containers

The event was held at Ocha and Bella Restaurant, Morrissey Hotel, Jakarta. Its combination of quirky ambience and delectable food is second to none, and its large floor area is a great setting for a press event such as this one.

Medina Product Launching - Morrissey Hotel

Medina Product Launching - Ocha and Bella

Right by the entrance we were greeted with a brightly-lit showcase of 19 products, supported by a series lifestyle and product photos present in the marketing tools. It’s always great to see months of our team effort actualized in print and in use.

Medina Product Launching - Round food container

Medina Product Launching - Catalog

The main event started with a beautifully coreographed opening ceremony, followed by a brief explanation of the brand and a Q&A session with key persons from business development, marketing, quality assurance and distribution.

Medina Product Launching - Ceremonial dance

Medina Product Launching - Q&A session

Big thanks to Medina for having us at such an exquisite event. To see more of Medina’s brand expression, photography and marketing tools, see our portfolio section or click here.

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