Think of branding as a person

A brand is an identifying logo, name, design, term, or any other feature that companies use to distinguish their products or services from others. To make it easy, think of brands as people; just like people, you identify them by their name.

The logo is only the face of a whole body, so there are still a lot of other components to make up a brand. Each of those “body parts” plays an important part; namely brand essence, brand message, brand personality, brand colours, and brand identity.

Branding = Visual Representation

Branding as a whole is other people’s experience when they’re interacting with your brand. Simply put, branding is the visual representation of your business. Everyone knows that the golden arches are the symbol of McDonald’s, and the swoosh is Nike’s.

Distinguish You from Others

Everyone, be it company or individual, needs branding. Branding serves as a way to distinguish you from your competitors. Great branding will leave a lasting impression in consumers or clients’ minds, it also allows other people to know what to expect from your company.

Branding determines your company’s position in the market. As briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph, the branding elements are there to support and establish branding as a whole.

Great Branding Brings Success to Your Company

Additionally, as now we’re living in a visual generation, every design matters and can make a difference. So it is not an exaggeration to say that great branding is the foundation of your brand’s success and sustainability.

These days, it is common to buy products purely based on their designs as consumers are easily drawn to things well-designed. Consumers will think a brand with well-designed products bears more significance than others because branding also determines the public perception of your company’s product quality.

Besides, people often only see what they want to see, so once a brand or its design sticks to consumers’ minds, they will unconsciously remember it and recognize it from afar, without even paying attention to other brands, because their focus is only that one certain brand.

Good Branding vs. Bad Branding

However, there are always two sides to everything, including branding. There are good branding and bad branding. Bad branding can give people a negative impression of your company. In a worse scenario, it became a laughing stock on the internet.

You have to look at your brand from every angle, literally and figuratively speaking, because when it comes to branding one wrong move can kill the whole business. Great branding represents your company’s values, vision, mission, and the message you want to convey to your stakeholders.

Just like every bone in our body, every element in the brand has its role and meaning why they are there in the first place. Moreover, a well-designed branding will stand the test of time, it doesn’t have to be updated every so often as trends keep on changing now and then.

Why You Should Trust Brand Consultants

Now that you have a good grasp of what branding is about, comes the question, then how to turn my brand into a great one? It is often said it is best to leave some things to the experts. The same can be applied to branding. To make an impressive and lasting branding, it is best to leave it to branding consultants.

Branding consultants are juggling with multiple brands daily, so we, as brand consultants, know exactly how to make your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression in the market. Brand consultants have worked and handled hundreds of clients from diverse industries, so they have the knowledge and experience in the branding industries.

Brand consultants can transform a small business into a powerful brand with a strong market presence with the right analysis and strategy. When a client comes to a brand consultant, the client will only need to tell everything about the company/the brand to the consultant. Then, the brand consultant will analyze the brand’s pain points and what to do to fix them.

Your Trustworthy Brand Consultant

Choosing a brand consultant that suits your company is not an easy feat. In Indonesia, there are hundreds of brand consultants, some are newbies, some have a few years of experience, while others have the wealth of experience. One of the leading brand consultants in Indonesia is Kamarupa Design Group.

Established in early 2007, Kamarupa has more than 14 years of experience in the design industry. We have handled more than 1,000 projects for hundreds of clients from diverse industries. Our clients are ranging from small home businesses to multinational corporations from both the local and international markets.

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