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Understanding Logotypes

posted on June 28, 2018

Understanding Logotypes

A logo can also be the face of your company, that’s why it is important to have and developed it thoroughly. While you are thinking about creating a logo for your business, did you know that there are several logotypes by design?

It’s not a secret anymore that logo is important as a part of the branding of your company. The company’s identity should be visually expressed through its logo.

What comes into your mind when you hear someone said "iPhone"? Yes, a picture of an apple with a bite pattern on the side. The famous logo was designed by Rob Janoff in 1977. According to Janoff, the bite pattern intended to differentiate the apple as a fruit from a cherry or a tomato.

Steve Jobs immediately agreed at the time with the logo design because it was considered able to represent Apple, his computer company, as a brand. Based on its shape, the Apple logo is classified in the pictorial mark logotype. Besides shaped images, logos can also be classified into several types, namely as follows:

1. Lettermark

Ever noticed the Cable News Network (CNN) logo, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), or Hewlett-Packard (HP)? All three has a common thing using initial letters as a logo. Logos with initial letters is easy to recognize and remember. That’s why, when you see the letters, people will imagine the products.

The more easily remembered and recognized, the logo is more successful with the purpose of brand identification. Therefore, the use of this type of logo is very effective for companies that have a long name. When you are using a lettermark logotype, remember to think about choosing the right font. The font has to match with the company’s identity.

Other things that might happen is a logo that cannot be seen or read clearly. For new businesses that have not been known vastly, including the company’s name under the logo will be helpful.

2. Wordmark

Courtesy: wordmark.it

Aside from lettermark logotype, there’s also wordmark logotype. The difference between the two is, wordmark logotype uses the word of the company/product/service itself. Surely, you’re familiar with brands such as Coca-Cola, Visa, or Google. This logotype will be more effectively used if the word is short and unique.

Let’s take an example from Google, easy to remember and unique. If the word combined with a strong typography, the logo will help in building a strong brand.

Typography holds an important role when it comes to wordmark logotype. So, choose the right font or if you can’t find the perfect font, create one. Make sure it really represent your business.

For example, the font used for a fashion business has a clean, elegant, and posh characteristics in it. Meanwhile, for a government institute, the font is usually more traditional.

3. Pictorial Mark

As said above, the Apple logo is one of many companies who use pictorial mark logotype. Simply shaped, but also meaningful. It is easy for people to recognize and remember this kind of logo anywhere.

Think when you saw a picture of an apple (fruit) with a bite pattern on the side, do you associate that picture with the Apple logo or its product? That’s the advantage of using pictorial mark logotype. When the logo is simple, it will be easier to be remembered.

The biggest challenge was to choose the right icon/picture as a logo. Just keep in mind that the picture is representing the company’s existence in front of many people.

There are several ways to explore which logo type is appropriate with a business’ name. First, take advantage of the business’ name itself. Explore your imagination to create a picture with the same tone with your business’ name.

Next, think about your business’ name and find the deep meaning of it. Then, represent it into a picture. For example, Snapchat’s logo that is a ghost shaped. It was a perfect shape with the services that Snapchat offers, representing “there, then gone” nature of their photo sending service.

Last, explore more about your soon-to-be logo, be it the one logo that can build emotions when people see the logo. Take look at the panda logo of World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), cute isn’t it?

4. Abstract Mark

Courtesy: ignytebrand

Abstract mark logo type is almost similar to pictorial park logo type. The difference is that the shape has the abstract characteristic. For example, the Pepsi logo, the famous carbonated drink product. Pepsi comes with a circular logo and inside it splits into 3 parts with red, white, and blue.

The point is to show something that is really unique and different, but still can represent the brand. In this way, you can explore deeper into the business brand. Maximize the logo looks with more exploration on colors and shapes. Think outside the box to share the message that suits best with your business.

5. Mascot

Next up, mascot logo type. This type of logo looks more fun and usually in a shape of cartoons. The illustrated character will represent your company. For example, the Colonel character represents the KFC business. The businesses that use mascots as logos is usually has families or children as their target market.

6. The Combination Mark

Courtesy: jetline

This type of logo is a combination of wordmark or lettermark with a pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot. Typically, images and a text are placed side by side or top down. It can also be made as one.For example, the Burger King logo that unifies red text into a yellow burger image and comes with an incomplete blue circle.

7. Emblem

Last but not least, emblem. This type of logo is more complex because the name of the business is located in a symbol or an icon. The shape is usually more traditional. That’s why this type of logo is often used for schools, organization, or government institution. If you want to show your business with a traditional or classic look, emblem type of logo is highly recommended.

It's 7 creative logo designs that represent your brand. Each has its own advantages that should be fitted with your business. The more blend in the logo and your business philosophy, the easier it is for people to recognize and remember your brand.

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Still confused which type of logo you should choose? Well, we are here to help. Simply contact us at marketing@kamarupa.co.id or just click here. Whether it is a traditional or modern logo design, we can help you to choose and design the perfect-fit logo for your business.Interested in reading more about logos? We have another one for you, click away!

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