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See Them Fly Off the Shelves: 7 Packaging Design Secrets

posted on May 10, 2017

See Them Fly Off the Shelves: 7 Packaging Design Secrets

Packaging plays a great role in the distribution of products from the factory to the store and, eventually, to the consumer. 

There are a lot more to packaging design than meets the eye. A good packaging is able to provide protection, contain enough information and ultimately attract sales.

Here are some tips and inspirations that could be of use in developing your packaging design.

1. Create context

Dig deep into the product’s ingredients or history and use it to give it a background story through the packaging design. A combination of the right colors, typography and other elements says a lot about a product’s origin and authenticity.

7 Packaging Design Secrets - Pepper Secret
A Dutch colonial look captures a glimpse of Belitung pepper’s heyday throughout Pepper Secret’s wide range of products.

2. Less is more

Good design speaks a great deal without cluttering the space. Using a minimum number of elements in a packaging design can go a long way in making sure that a product stands out on a crowded shelf.

7 Packaging Design Secrets - Dusdusan.com
A distinct character is still achievable using simple shapes and colors.

3. Be real

A packaging is not a marketing tool. Keep it informative and descriptive, devoid of flamboyant marketing slogans. Having said that, there’s always room for exaggeration.

7 Packaging Design Secrets - The Coco Tree
A realistic illustration is one thing, and sometimes the only thing necessary to suggest fresh, natural ingredients.

4. Code with colors

For a product with different variants, it’s best to use different color schemes for each one without changing much of anything else. This way, people see that they still belong to the same line.

7 Packaging Design Secrets - Maybelline New York Baby Lips
Although significantly different in color, the variants are still recognizeable as one product.

5. Give it a good grip

As important as the visual elements of a packaging design is its size and shape. A good packaging should be as comfortable to handle as it is pleasing to look at.

7 Packaging Design Secrets - Nafoura Kurma Water
Distinctive colors and design should be accompanied with a structure that holds and is easy to hold.

6. Go beyond

Add more reason for people to buy by giving the packaging an extra function. Be carful though, not to let the product be overshadowed.

7 Packaging Design Secrets - Pocari Sweat VR viewer
As part of a global campaign, a version of Pocari Sweat’s value pack in Indonesia was one that can be converted into a virtual reality cardboard.

7. Let the product shine

Most importantly but often forgotten, a packaging’s job is showcasing a product instead of distracting from it. In some cases, packaging design should take a back seat, allowing the product to pop without unnecessary distractions.

7 Packaging Design Secrets - Jia Cold-Pressed Juice
Clear material and an achromatic color are used to accentuate Jia’s fresh, natural colors.

We’ve seen our packaging designs lend themselves to the success of a wide range of brands. Click on each picture above to see more details. 

You can also contact us now to start your own packaging design project.

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