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Retail store design: where every detail matter

posted on February 26, 2018

Retail store design: where every detail matter

Designing retail stores can be tricky. There are so many things to consider and incorporate in such limited space: the traffic, the products, the brand, the customers… Learning from our own experiences, we have compiled top 6 tips that’ll do the trick.


1. Use an open facade

Having your store facade wide open gives passers-by generous insights and an inviting effect. A great option is using clear glass from floor to ceiling.

Wilio, Tunjungan Plaza 5, Surabaya

This tip is very useful especially for areas with high traffic such as a shopping mall walkway. Click here for more on the project, including another outlet at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta.

2. Design for the brand

When creating the concept and choosing interior elements, always make sure that every single detail and how they come together reflect the brand identity.

Bratpack x Fitflop, Pondok Indah Mall 2, JakartaPhotos by: Indra Koesnady

In this rare case, a singular space was shared between two individual brands with different characteristics. Although relating in circulation, clear distinction between the two areas was kept.

3. Design for the audience

Keep your audience in mind throughout the whole design process. Delve into what they like and translate them into a fitting concept and ambience.

Toys Kingdom, Living World Mall, Banten

This imaginative ambience and fantasy concept were designed to appeal to children as their target audience. Click here for more on the project, including distinct sections for boys and girls.

4. Create a focal point

Any well-designed space should have a focal point, retail stores included. As the first thing customers’ eyes see when they enter, it sets the tone and mood for your store.

DAMN! I Love Indonesia, 23 Paskal, Bandung

This store features a large sculpture of the national symbol. With prominent size and placement, it reflects the brand’s strong spirit of nationalism that is further emphasized by black angular iron frames.

5. Gimmicks are great

Customers nowadays shop for the experience, so more and more retail stores incorporate certain elements to give them a memorable shopping time.

COTTON INK, Kota Kasablanka, JakartaPhoto by: Indra Koesnady

Putting some quotes or mottos on the walls is one way to leave some extra impression and to incorporate call-to-action messages. Click here for more on the project, including another outlet at Pondok Indah Mall 2.

6. Mind the lighting

Bottom line is you want to sell your products, so make sure that they are positioned within reach and eye level, displayed properly and lit appropriately for maximum visibility.

Columbia Sportswear, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta

Lighting can also serve as an interesting detail that adds a certain charm to your store, as shown above, on the ceiling.

PRO TIP: In fashion retail stores, fitting room lighting is especially important as it greatly affects purchase decisions.

Hope this article helps you in making certain decisions regarding your retail store interior design. If you need further assistance, take a look at the rest of our interior design projects and contact us to set up a meeting.

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