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Restaurant Logo Design and Its Personality

posted on May 9, 2022

Restaurant Logo Design and Its Personality


Let’s say you have three friends, you will know each of their personalities; Jane is an out-going person, she is witty and very passionate; on the other hand, John is a rather calm and quiet guy and he is the smartest person in our group; and lastly Dave is such a bright person, he always throws funny comments and has a positive outlook in life.

Brand personality is pretty much the same, it is the act of humanizing your brand. It allows your brand to have a personal connection with your target audience. Brand personality can be communicated through a lot of things, such as tone of voice and visuals.

Every personality is unique and restaurant branding is no different

What makes people frequent a certain restaurant despite mixed reviews? Most would say that it’s the interior design, cute glasses or plates, cozy surroundings, hospitality, or even the fast wifi. However, it all comes down to branding and its brand personality. We will share key points and insights on how branding and brand personality plays a significant role in your restaurant’s success.

The number of new restaurants is increasing on a daily basis, but not all of them survive in the long run. As we are now living as a visual generation where we love visually appealing food, aesthetically pleasing interior, and all things well-designed; branding is extremely important. Branding is the first thing your customers will experience and will help them to form an opinion about your restaurant. Good branding gives your restaurant a stable foundation to do well in the long run.

The initial step to restaurant branding is deciding on what you want your customers to know about your restaurant because a good restaurant logo should be able to effectively communicate the owner’s message. Subsequently, you can consider the overall style and if there are any speciality dishes can be used as your restaurant’s main selling point. As an example, an Italian restaurant sells a variety of dishes, like pizza, pasta, and gelato; but if their main selling point is pizza then it might put pizza as a part of its branding.

It is also important to carefully weigh your restaurant’s branding colour and cultural aspect based on your restaurant location and target market. Normally, a restaurant’s branding will be applied in various media, such as menu book, napkins, plates, and other media; therefore simplicity is needed. A simple yet distinctive restaurant logo will help customers to recognize and remember your restaurant.

Restaurant Logo

Who are you REALLY?

So how would you convey your message into a brand, or more specifically a logo? This is where the brand personality comes in. If your restaurant has a brand personality that is unique and stands out from your competitors, no matter what your competitors do, it won’t affect your loyal customers. Brand personality can help to decide the way your brand dresses, walks, talks, acts, and behaves. It can also answer questions like,

how should we design our restaurant”, ”what logo should we use in our designs”, or “what kind of interior design should we go for”.

Starbucks does its cafe branding perfectly. As the world’s leading coffee shop, with more than 31,000 stores across the globe, they definitely have secured a place in the minds and hearts of their customer through their comfortable shops, product designs, interior designs, standardized uniform, and eye-catching logo.

Starbucks exterior Starbucks Interior

Another prime example is McDonald’s, the world’s second-largest fast-food restaurant chain with stores in almost 40,000 locations. Ray Kroc played an important role in developing McDonald’s becoming the business known today. In the 1950s, he established McDonald’s brand personalities; accessible for everyone and a friendly fast-food restaurant. Fast forward to today, almost everyone knows and has ever eaten McDonald’s at least once in their lifetime. McDonald’s is always famous for its golden arches, Ronald McDonald the mascot, and its burgers.

Mc Donald Store Mc Donald Menu

Both Starbucks and McDonald’s success stories show when you have a brand personality that is expressed well and resonates with your targeted audience, they can turn into fans that do your marketing for you. And of course, for free.

So, if your restaurant were a person, how would it dress, walk, talk, act, and behave? Answer it yourself.

Describe your restaurant branding as if you were describing a person. It will help you in defining and express your brand personality. The brand personality is an important part that must be clearly expressed before you go to a graphic designer or even an advertising agency to design and market your brand.

We often find that the personality of a brand mirrors the personality of its founder. Steve Jobs was Apple. He was fired and replaced with someone who had a “better” management team. They might have had better resumes but the personality of the Apple brand changed. When that happened, the culture, the performance, and a number of other key performances also changed.

Unfortunately in Apple’s case, it changed for the worse. So, Apple brought Steve back. By bringing back that personality, the company managed to recapture its former glory and success. Undoubtedly, Apple has a very distinct brand personality. Notice the similarities between Apple's brand personality and Steve Jobs's personality.

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When you do your restaurant branding right, you have a much better chance of finding success than those restaurants who trying to copy the movements of their competitors. 

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