Cafe Branding and Brand Personality

posted on November 7, 2017

Cafe Branding and Brand Personality

Brands are like people. They should have personalities. Every personality is unique and cafe branding is no different. What makes people frequent a certain cafe despite mixed reviews? Most would say that it’s the interior design, cute glasses or plates, cozy surroundings, the hospitality, or even the fast wifi. If your cafe have a brand personality that is unique and stands out from your competitors, no matter what your competitors do, it won’t affect your loyal customers. You can even attract new ones if you do the cafe branding the right way.

Cafe Branding: Who are you REALLY?

First things first in cafe branding is the brand personality. Following behind are brand positioning, brand promise, and brand story. Brand personality can help to decide the way your brand dresses, walks, talks, acts, and behaves. It can also answer questions like, “how should we design our cafe”, ”what logo should we use in our designs”, or “what kind of interior design should we go for”.

How people see themselves in the world can be reflected by what brands they buy. Starbucks do their cafe branding perfectly. As the world’s leading coffeeshop, they definitely have secured a place in the minds and hearts of their customer through their comfortable shops, product designs, interior designs, standardized uniform, and eye-catching logo. That shows when you have a brand personality that is expressed well and resonates with your targeted audience, they can turn into fans that do your marketing for you. And of course, for free.


So, if your cafe were a person, how would it dress, walk, talk, act, and behave? Answer it yourself.

Describe your cafe branding as if you were describing a person. It will help you defining and express your brand personality. The brand personality is an important part that must be clearly expressed before you go to a graphic designer or even an advertising agency to design and market your brand.


We often find that the personality of a brand mirrors the personality of its founder. Steve Jobs was Apple. He was fired and replaced with someone who had a “better” management team. They might have had better resumes but the personality of the Apple brand changed. When that happened, the culture, the performance, and a number of other key performances also changed for the worse. Apple brought Steve back.

By bringing back that personality, the company managed to recapture its former glory and success. Undoubtedly, Apple has a very distinct brand personality. Notice the similarities between Apple brand personality and Steve Jobs personality.

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When you do your cafe branding right, you have a much better chance of finding success than those cafes who trying to copy the movements of their competitors. Considering to do the cafe branding for your cafe the right way? Contact us here!

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