How a Responsive Web Design Can Save Our Lives

posted on May 16, 2016

How a Responsive Web Design Can Save Our Lives

People nowadays access their favourite websites through various media, depending upon certain occasions. Whether it's for transactional purpose or simply a quick lookup, modern websites are now required to accommodate all major devices in order to stay relevant. This basically leaves only one answer; Responsive Web Design.

What is Responsive Web Design?

A good web design should allow its layout to be adaptable to certain various changes, such as device, display, screen size, and Responsive Design support is the one responsible for this. It keeps the fabulous look a website has, through some alterations to cater the limit a display can give in its size. By all means, a widescreen display can show multiple columns of content while a small screen will simply have them fitted into a single column with adjusted text and links sizes for convenience and aesthetic purposes.

Is it supposed to be a big deal? The answer is a definite yes, and here's to know why.

1. Consistency for the Multi-Device Users

Bear in mind that a website is not only visited through different devices and sizes but also by the same audience who keeps returning within their various devices. In this case, consistency is very much needed to ensure the information can be accessed from any devices in the same amount, despite the different experience they may have.

2. "Mobile only" No More!

We used to treat our main website and its mobile version differently. This may come as a frustration as if we have no better things to do rather than keeping both fed with different kind of ingredients, affecting the emotional level of our dear multi-device users with the aforementioned problem. A Responsive Editor tool will centralise the management with total control over the different outcomes and simplify your life.

3. Google Said It

Google has been generously labelling "Mobile Friendly" to those with the responsive design approach, adding them into the mobile search results page. Since April 2015, they also began using the mobile-friendliness indicator as a ranking signal and this certainly has impacted those that haven't adapted the method. Needless to say, responsive design is crucial in your SEO survival. Click here to find out more on how SEO can affect your overall website performance.

4. Future-Proof

With such an intimidating development of tech devices, you can be rest assured that responsive design is the best solution to keep your website stay current in the newer devices with possible new displays and sizes. For any new platforms launched in the future, our responsive website will be ready to overcome that.

The responsive design approach for our website is not only important to meet our audience's expectations through their varied devices, but also to prepare ourselves for our survival in the growing demand and development of our tech world.

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