Marketing is the heart of every business, without any marketing, there are no sales thus no revenue. So it is no exaggeration to say that marketing holds the key to business success and continuation. There are endless possibilities when it comes to marketing tools, the word ‘tools’ refers to the techniques, strategies, and materials used in marketing your business. Most businesses have their unique combination of marketing tools; such as combining billboard advertising and social media or online marketing to boost their sales. It is crucial to know which tools are the most effective for your business.

Over the centuries, the marketing landscape has changed dramatically. Around 1440, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press that made mass printing possible for the first time. This invention later dominated the marketing world for centuries to come. In the 18th century, magazines emerged as a medium of marketing. Around a hundred years later, posters and billboards arose. It is not until the early 1900s new mediums of marketing emerged, the first wave of marketing tools that don’t involve the printing press arrived. People begin to utilize electronic devices; such as radio and television advertisements and marketing through telephone that we later know as telemarketing. 

The digital age of marketing started back in the 1970s where new technologies changed the marketing landscape. It began with mobile phones, computers, and followed closely by internet and email marketing. Since then, internet platforms have paved the way for a whole new world of marketing. It has expanded to the likes of websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, and e-commerce.

Seen from both the technological and marketing aspect, website design and its development have significantly influenced our everyday lives, and it keeps evolving. We can see how different the impact of a website today and compared to ten years ago. Today, everything is just a few taps away and everyone can do almost everything online.

A website is now recognized as one of the most effective marketing and promotion tools. A website will increase your brand awareness online. A website is seen as a modern tool to connect your business not only to your customers and your business partners but also your target market. Your target market can easily be determined by how your website works and the way the user understands its content.

The saying that the first impression matters also applies to a website. A company with a well-designed website can improve the company's impression and credibility, thus it will automatically drive more leads as most people will do their research on the internet before they decided to make the purchase. Apart from being well-designed, a website also needs to be search engine friendly, so it can be easily found by the target audience. Outdated web design might drive prospective customers away as they have a negative impression.

When it comes to web design, we are talking about a lot of components; its graphical aspect, interface design, user experience (Usually we refer it as UI/UX Design), and SEO. These are the aspects that are bound together and we need to keep looking to match and stay relevant to our current trends.


"Why build an amazing theme park in the middle of the forest where nobody knows it's there?"


So in that sense, a great business should be supported with a well-designed website. Think of it like this, a website serves as your representative in the online world. Obviously, every company wants to be represented by the best representative. Thus, a well-designed website where users can easily navigate and have a great UI/UX design is a necessity for every business.

Kamarupa Design Group has more than a decade of experience in branding and website design consultant. Our website design projects have proven to positively impact numerous businesses. Every website is personal, we designed everything from scratch and tailor it accordingly to your business needs. Our web development team is also on hand to accommodate your demands accordingly. In addition to that, every web designed by Kamarupa is designed to be SEO friendly.

With Kamarupa, you can complement your brand with web design and web development as one of the digital tools. We build a full range of digital assets; ranging from a fully responsive corporate website, e-commerce website design, SEO, search engine marketing, and social media activation.

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