Seen from both the technological and marketing aspect, website design and its development has influenced our everyday lives, and it keeps evolving. We can see how different has it been from how a website works and affecting your everyday life, compared to ten years ago.

When it comes to web design, we are talking about its graphical aspect, interface design, user experience, and search engine optimization. These are the aspects that are bound together and we need to keep looking to match and stay relevant to our current trends.

Today, web design is treated as one effective marketing and promotion tool. Your target market can very much be determined by how your website and its design works, and the way the user understand its content.
Having a well-designed website should improve your company's impression and credibility, thus it will automatically drive more leads as most people will do their research on the internet before they decided to make the purchase. Apart from being well designed, a website also needs to be search engine friendly, so it can be easily found by the target audience.

"Why build an amazing theme park in the middle of the forest where nobody knows it's there?"

With Kamarupa, you can complement your brand with web design as one of the digital tools. We build a full range of digital assets by focusing on constructing a fully responsive corporate website, e-commerce, social media activation and search engine marketing.

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