Learn and Earn Through SEO

posted on May 15, 2016

Learn and Earn Through SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an organic effort that shows more significance over time. Studies have it that SEO provides a better chance of ROI (Return on Investment) than traditional marketing approach like in the old times.

How does it really do it? And why should we put our very best interest on this? Here’s a couple of reasons you need to look into.

1. Traffic

A crowded small bakery nearby full of hungry people is always better than an empty fancy boulangerie across the road. Of course, only a portion of that crowd makes you the money, but traffic is your first step of getting your returns. SEO knows how to do this best with no extra cost for marketing strategies and so on.

2. Cost

Unlike other forms of online marketing strategies such as pay-per-click advertising, social media, or email marketing, SEO does everything in its own natural way, generated from what you did in your content. It keeps your presence while complementing other marketing approaches you may be using.

3. Visibility

Everyone wants to be on top, including you and your business. You certainly want to be seen and easily approached. More importantly, you want to appear as prior as the search results can give you, even when people only search indirectly related to your business. This is exactly how we are going for it with SEO. By showing up as often as you could, chances for your business are getting bigger, too.

4. Credibility

It has always been in the mindset that number one means... number one. When people search on something and you appear on the top list, that's the achievement you need to be proud of, in relation to your business credibility.

5. Market Share

Around 80-90% of customers do their homework by checking online reviews before their purchase decision. In doing so, without organic SEO in place, your competitors will be the true starS here.

6. Content

Google and other search engines constantly update their search algorithms. As the nature of SEO is purely organic, this requires you as the content provider to get creative and active in providing a good reliable content. This surely develops your marketing skills by its own nature and you are becoming a marketing guru in no time. Thanks to SEO.

7. Competitors

SEO is a never-ending process, and you have to keep improving your position in order to stay in place as the competitors out there are developing their own creativity and marketing skills as well.

SEO strategy is definitely a must if you want to retain your position in online marketing. It is one of the most essential, yet influential elements in every business's online presence, and as its nature is organic, it requires you to develop yourself in getting more creative and providing a good and updated content.

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