7 Inspiring Design of a Beautiful and Exotic Javanese Home

posted on July 2, 2018

7 Inspiring Design of a Beautiful and Exotic Javanese Home

Photo courtesy: Villa Dukuh

In love with a Javanese design style with its carving and wood-theme and thinking about applying it to your home design? Featuring traditional Javanese style in a modern minimalist home interior is easier with these seven inspirations.

Building a modern home model with Javanese architectural style is one way to maintain one of many Indonesia’s local cultures. The traditional atmosphere brought into the smaller home seems to evoke a beautiful side of the past. Objects with historical value and classical ornaments have become the well-observed elements.

The impression of peace, comfort, and calm in a minimalist modern home are preserved with an ethnic viscosity in every interior design. Adem or cool in English is a word that sums it up. Therefore, no wonder many people like to live in type 36 minimalist home with traditional Javanese style.

So, how is the trick to bring the design of a modern home combined with Javanese design interior in real life? Below, we’ve compiled 7 inspirations that might inspire you.

1. Soil-themed Color

Color selection always affects the impression that comes from every room. To create an ethnic atmosphere of Java, add soil-themed color on the walls. Use the mix colors of brown and gray for the earthy impression.

Soil elements can also be implemented on sofas, mosquito nets, and tables. Combine wooden elements with dark brown accents. You can also add bamboo-woven wall panel behind the television.

The touch of modern style in the room can be shown through a sliding glass door. The vast-sized glass door is a particular characteristic of a luxurious home interior in a minimalist dwelling. There you have it, a home with minimalist, ethnic, and exclusive style.

2. Spacious Family Room

One of the home philosophy for Javanese society is as a place for family gathering. Imagine a tree with its branches, twigs, and leaves. An open space for gathering-so called pendopo is like the branches. If any part is left behind, the dwelling won’t be completed.

It is easy and difficult at the same time in creating a place for gathering with Javanese architecture style for nowadays home model with its limited space. You have to set up one furnished room, in a harmonious Javanese ethnic style.

The solution, you can combine a room for dining and family gathering. Both must be integrated and equipped with Javanese ornaments. For example, you should buy a brown table set for dining. Javanese impression can also be shown through brown floor accents and decorative plants in ceramic vases.

3. Showing the Carving

Photo courtesy: Pinterest

Carving or sculpture is a characteristic found in traditional Javanese home concept. If you want to show this design in a modern minimalist home, you need some strategy because usually nowadays house has limited space and won’t have enough space for large carved furniture.

You can use a carved furniture with a sleek shape. This model is usually more slender so it doesn’t need a lot of space. For example, a living room chair made from teak wood without foam that has a palm rest and body.

What appeals most about the chair is the touch of Javanese carvings along the back of the chair. The curve shown is not too much, while it can also highlight the ethnic side.

4. Wood Elements

Photo courtesy: Bambu Indah

Javanese home materials are dominated with natural elements, such as wood, bamboo, and various fiber plants. These materials can be processed in a modern and traditional way to produce ethnic furniture.

To present wood elements in a modern minimalist home, you have to choose simpler objects. For example, plain black teak beds combined with mattresses with white bedding.

Designs made of wood can also be shown through the dressing table, complete with classic mirrors and antique stools. In order to look more elegant, you can add lights on each side of the mirror on the walls.

5. The Versatile Communal Room

Photo courtesy: Bambu Indah

The communal space in traditional Javanese structure is usually a pendopo. It is usually an outdoor room located on the yard. The roof itself is in joglo style with tile material.

In modern homes, the communal space concept underwent a slight shift, though it still retains the classic side of wood elements. Building the space does not have to be pendopo. You can replace it with a terrace in front of the house.

The touch of classical Java on the terrace can be shown through the installation of a wood-based ceiling. Apply a dark brown color to the ceiling to accentuate the ethnic impression. Meanwhile, use a ceramic or marble material wrapped in brown accents for the floor.

6. Harmonious Ornaments Selection

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Pay attention to the furniture in a traditional Javanese home; the color is always harmonious, isn’t it? That is one of the trademarks; the Javanese have always prioritized the philosophy of perpetual, conventional, and life partner in interior designing.

You can apply the design in the smaller home interior through the selection of furniture. For example, use a sofa or chair made of wood with the same color as the table for the living room. Not to mention, the door should also be wrapped in a harmonious accent. However, the shade should be darker than the furniture inside the house.

Presumably, symmetrical principles also need to take precedence when designing a minimalist-traditional home interior. One way is by putting a mirror in a certain part of the wall. Next, place a small table next to the main chair and hang a medium-sized painting.

7. Always Combine Ethnic and Futuristic Styles

Photo courtesy: Vebmacom

Interested to combine modern minimalist, ethnic, and futuristic designs? You can achieve that by using metal materials and some futuristic furniture. Usually, the furniture is irregularly shaped, unique, and has a neutral accent.

To highlight the futuristic side in the living room, use modern modular sofas. Place the seat attached to the wall. The traditional side can be shown through the wood elements attached to the sofa.

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So that’s the 7 inspiration design of a Javanese home combined with a modern minimalist dwelling. Hope that can inspire you in designing your home. Have any questions about interior design? Ask away at or click here!

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