7 Interior Design Tips for Your Office

posted on April 9, 2018

7 Interior Design Tips for Your Office

How you design your office interior could affect your work environment in the future. Arranging things like windows and furniture properly might help to improve employees’ productivity, indirectly. We compiled 7 important things to pay attention to in designing your office interior to its best. Let’s start!

1. Reflect your identity

This is important. Your office should show who you are. Your office interior design could communicate messages to employees, guests, and customers. The question is, how do you want to be perceived? What messages do you want to share? Stay true to the brand and your company’s identity.

2. More space, less mess

Separate which space is public, and which space is private. Remember, the goal here is to be functional and effective. Organizing spaces in the office could really work well on productivity. By setting office furniture such as tables and chairs properly, an effective and efficient workflow could be achieved. An expansion is also not out of the picture.

3. Put some investment in your furniture

The well-being of your employees is also one of many things to pay attention to. What’s the connection with interior design for your office? Working 8 hours a day sitting in a badly shaped chair could cause health problems such as back pain. That’s why you should choose your furniture well; think of it as your investment. Choose the ergonomist and comfortable furniture. Easy maintenance is also something you should consider.

4. Let there be light!

Lighting is a, without doubt, could really help on improving and maintaining a good work environment, especially natural lighting. Why? Bright natural light tends to make people more cheerful, and when you work with good mood, productivity could also increase. Place big enough windows to let the sunlight into your office rooms. You could also use skylights and glass walls if possible.

5. The touch of color

Have you ever heard of color psychology? It’s not a secret that color could really affect people’s psychology on daily basis. For example, blue can help for calmness whereas red can give a dash of energy, and white could reflect on cleanliness and simplicity. Choose your color for your office with color psychology consideration and match it with your brand identity.

6. The gathering

An office definitely must have a room for gathering, such as meetings. The question here is, how should you arrange it? First, the more the better. Prepare a number of common spaces, and change it to a room that can be used for meetings as well as internal events. Don’t forget to organize the furniture properly to maximize the rooms’ functions.

7. Room for fun

A few minutes of break from work is needed every now and then. This could help to break free from the clutter of mind and getting new ideas. The pantry is often the destinations when it comes to a break. Put more greens such as plants and flowers to lighten up the environment. If possible, add a room for short relaxation such as a room with dart games, or even a Ping-Pong table.

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We hope that this article can give you some insight about office interior design. Want to see more? Here are several case studies from our interior portfolio. For project inquiries, contact us via email at or just click here.

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