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5 Tips on How to Deal with Digital Transformation

posted on May 14, 2018

5 Tips on How to Deal with Digital Transformation

The digital world has been growing rapidly and infiltrating every aspect of our lives, and obviously has a certain contribution to the business industry and the world itself. Earlier, we have talked about digital transformation and what do you need to prepare to face the big change. 

To sum it up, digital transformation is about to integrate your business with digital technology. Surely it’s not that simple to do the change. Change does not just happen as easy as a flip of a hand. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to change your business like business models, internal capabilities, and customer experience. 

There are 3 things to keep in mind for the leaders while the digital transformation is happening. First, specify who’s in charge so your employees know who to reach and who can make decisions. This too will help to avoid chaos. Second, develop the culture on your team where you should never stop learning and keep absorbing knowledge. 

Last but not least, prepare for the big change that will happen whether internally or externally. Digital transformation is not just about aware of the technology, but also how to embrace and run it alongside with your business.

Before, we’ve talked about what should the leaders do to prepare for the digital transformation. Now, we would like to share 5 key to a smooth digital transformation.

1. Set a North Star

A successful change usually has a “North Star” as the guidance through the change. The North Stars are your target outcomes or objectives in the form of business outcomes, NOT technology implementations. For example, be able to resolve customer issues less than 24 hours. With that, everyone can refer to the objectives when it comes to prioritizing resource allocations and untangling dependencies.

2. Business and Culture

A business cannot be separated from its culture. When a business was run, a culture of its business was shaped along the way until the way it is, whether it was shaped intentionally or not. In an organization, culture is vital but also fragile. When the digital transformation is happening and the organizational culture is resistant, the business itself is more likely able to survive competing with newer and agile companies.

3. Staff and Consumer

Understanding your staff is as important as understanding your customers. It is one of the keys that is often said but less often truly understood. It is no longer a new thing to take advantage of social media nowadays. Engagements via social media could be used to get feedback on your business strategy.

4. Innovation

In an intense competition nowadays among businesses, innovation is important to stay ahead of your competitors. Your business has to be as agile as your consumer behavior does. Would be a good thing if your business could genuinely embracing innovation as one the core business practice. Remember to always challenge and step up your game (business) before others do.

5. A roadmap, GPS, and Communication

After North Stars have been set, time to use a roadmap and GPS. The roadmap in this situation means letting everyone know where you are going, where do you take your business to. While GPS tells you where you are, it could tell you how far you are and the progress has been made regarding the changes that happened.

No one likes being kept in the dark. Everyone should be aware and know that changes are happening and be a part of the changes itself. It’s not a secret anymore that communication is important in many aspects of life. It does apply to business too. Communication is one of the keys to a good change management.


Change is more like a journey to be done where you set course, prepare yourself for what you need and might face, and reaching your destination. The digital transformation itself should always be measured to know your business progress. Data and analytics could help to measure, for example, to know about consumer behavior towards a product. Data and analytics could help your business growth.

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