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What You Need to Know about Digital Transformation

posted on May 4, 2018

What You Need to Know about Digital Transformation

Digital and technology have developed rapidly in this past few years along with research that has been done. The development has affected many things, including businesses industry. 

In a simple world, digital transformation is basically a transition from traditional to modern. Since everything is now about digital, it’s almost impossible to stay traditional and competing with everything digital. Digital transformation is about integrating your business with digital technology.

Whether it started from some area or all areas in your company, it’s indispensable to integrate your business with digital technology to your business. The change itself will affect how your business operates and how you deliver your company’s value to customers.

If you think that digital transformation is just about embracing new technology, it’s not entirely correct. Digital transformation is also a change in thought and organization culture. The goal of digital transformations is to achieve business acceleration with lower cost and bring a positive change.

One of the keys to why digital transformation has to happen is customer behavior. A business surely has its own target market and customer. Demands and expectations from customers are affected by technology and the desire for ease of use or instant. Nowadays with the help of technology, the consumer user experience is affecting purchasing decisions.  

A report by Forrester Research shows that executives predict that nearly half of the revenue will be driven by digital by the year 2020. Digital transformation is the era where it is crucial for the leaders to plan and implement everything across industries.

The previous years has been the development of the digital technology itself. Now, time is of the essence. Digital technology has been developed well enough that it changes almost everything including consumer behavior, that’s why it’s time to really implement it to your business.

The change that is happening must be prepared very well to avoid disorderly in the company itself. Below are 3 things to keep in mind for the leaders while the digital transformation is happening:


1. Specify who’s in charge

By specifying who’s in charge will help to ease chaos and clear the situations that might be happened. Since the digital transformation is not a small thing, there will be many things to think and do. That’s why a person-in-charge in each section is needed to clear any confusion who handles what.

Especially for a big change like this, it will never be easy to do. But with strong leadership and good collaboration, that might help a smoother digital transformation. The thing to keep in mind here is that everyone knows what the objectives and responsibilities from the beginning.

2. Never stop learning

As mentioned before, consumer behavior has a role in why digital transformation is important to be done. The rapid technological developments have greatly affected consumer behavior. The capabilities to predict patterns and trends of customers are not easy to do but very significant.

Leaders must nurture a culture where a continuous learning from all team members is needed. An open discussion might help since each head has different thinking and better ideas are possible to be generated.


3. Prepare for big changes

Forrester’s 2018 report predicted that the impact of digital evolution to businesses will be the main concern for companies. The company needs to be prepared for the changes ahead, and always be one step ahead of the consumers. The ability to build and maintain long-term relationships with the customers and the company is also needed.


IDC predicted that by 2020, 50% of the Global 2000 will see most of their business depend on their ability to create products, services, and experiences that are digitally-enhanced. While the digital transformation is happening, the leaders has to remain transparent and open about the actions to take and the future of the business.

Learn everything you need to learn about digital technologies and its implementation plan on your business as it will affect everything from your own company until the customers. Change is never easy, but it is needed to help to grow your company. It’s time to adopt the digital to your business.

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