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Your Adventure Starts Now: Kamarupa 2017 Calendar

posted on March 2, 2017

Your Adventure Starts Now: Kamarupa 2017 Calendar

Last year we started working together with Paperina, Subur and Rakyat Printing in creating and producing a collaborative calendar. We’re excited to share the result with you!

The theme Your Adventure 2017 draws an analogy between everyday lives and a series of adventures. It tells a message about how each passing moment should be seized by stepping outside one’s comfort zone and going the extra mile. 

Your Adventure 2017 - Kamarupa Calendar Cover

Each party contributes according to their expertise: Paperina lends their Earthwave and Tyvek paper that have different natural textures; Subur and Rakyat printing provide quality printing and finishing respectively; and here’s the paper craft process on our end: 

Design Process - Kamarupa Calendar 2017

So, without further ado, take a look at some of our favorite parts of the calendar.

Bungee Jumping - Take chances. Make an impact.

Calendarium - Kamarupa Calendar 2017

Camping - Only by sharing you gain new perspective.

Horse riding - Take control of life.

Surfing - Rise above every challenge. 

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Are you planning a calendar for your brand? Drop us a message and let’s talk! Or take a look at some other calendars that we have developed in our Graphic section.

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