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When Makeover Takes Over

posted on October 3, 2017

When Makeover Takes Over

As a national brand, Makeover has proven itself to be a worthy contender among its peers in Indonesian beauty industry through a wide range of makeup products and impactful campaigns.

With so many products and activities they have to communicate and organize, our brand maintenance service makes sure that the Makeover brand remains intact and unchanged throughout every possible medium.

Colorcentric Week was a series of events and activities at Laguna Atrium, Central Park Jakarta that aimed to reintroduce Makover’s 21 lipstick colors and 4 lipstick lines. With beautiful photographs and a hashtag all set as valuable assets, our part was to create a set of Key Visuals, each featuring a distinct look attainable by using a specific color group and finish, while as a whole communicating the brand’s personality and versatility.

From each Key Visual we created a set of guidelines that controlled its implementation in print materials, event branding and digital media which included a multitude of sizes and proportions. Most resizing works were done by a third party while we developed simultaneously certain key touchpoints such as invitations and flyers until they were ready for printing.

Visiting the event, it was interesting for us to see how layout guidelines could result in a refined, consistent look and feel on so many items that communicated so many different verbal messages. We are currently preparing for another event from Makeover, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, click here to see other works that we did for Makeover and Paragon’s other brands such as IX and Puteri.

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