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We’re Back! We’re Back Back!

posted on November 2, 2021

We’re Back! We’re Back Back!

Hello, hello! 
Our team is fully vaxxed and we’re back in the office! 

Hopefully, this one will last for a long time.

In the past 20 months, we’ve had three WFH sessions, ranging from three to nine months. Honestly, the first few weeks of the first WFH were havoc, we were all over the place. A pandemic was like a massive curveball. As time passed by, around the second month, we were finally in tune with these new conditions.

Just like the rest of the world, we relied on video calls and messenger for our meetings and daily communication. We made some adjustments too. We converted as much as possible to online, so our team can access what they need anytime and anywhere.

From one WFH session to the next, our workflow is getting better and smoother. However, we still miss the good old time of working from the office (WFO). WFH has taught us a lot of things, it has its benefits and we will also look at why we miss WFO 🧐.

back to the office


What we have learnt so far…

“Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming!” 🏊🏼

The pandemic taught us we need to be adaptable now more than ever. It is far from easy, but to survive, we have to adapt to new situations. Just like Dory said, “When life gets you down, do you know what you’ve gotta do? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming!”

Make everything accessible online

These days, there is more online than it is offline. In the pre-pandemic era, most of our files and works were stored offline. Now, all of our files are accessible online, so everyone can easily work from anywhere. Don't forget to frequently back up your files. We all know internet connection in Indonesia is a nuisance.


Online meeting is a timesaver ⚡️

It is not that we dislike offline meetings, but some meetings could’ve been an email or a quick 20 minutes online meeting. We spent around two hours for one offline/face-to-face meeting; an hour for the meeting, another hour to get to and from the meeting location. In comparison, online meetings are direct, quick, can be started and ended immediately.

Why We Love WFH

Dresscode: Anything 😎
For real, though. Anything.
If you’d like to have a pajama week, let’s go.
Do you fancy dressing up as if it’s fashion week💃🏼? You do you.
If you’d like to wear your office attire, no one is stopping you.
Nothing is too lancai, too formal, or too much when you’re working from home.

Extra Time for Your Hobby ⏳

We used to spend hours getting ready to go to work and to get home. By the end of a working day, we’re almost too tired to do anything meaningful. Those precious hours now can be allocated to something else, you can pick up a new hobby, spend quality time with your loved ones, do morning exercise, or ahem 😏, more time to sleep.

Our Team is a Champ 🏆

We love our team. Our team is a solid and reliable bunch, where everyone is working towards the same goal 🎯. We can rely on them, so WFH didn’t really slow down our work speed. Of course, there are minor setbacks now and then, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Why We Miss WFO

Fewer Miscommunications
Everyone has their assumptions, so miscommunications are inevitable. We often made our assumptions about what we understood from a briefing or a meeting. Sometimes, we feel reluctant to check whether our assumptions are right or wrong, we’d only know later, once it’s a little too late.

When we’re working together in the office, we can communicate and solve these easily and quickly. Even if there is any miscommunication, it can be solved within minutes with a quick regroup session.

Face-to-face Meetings

First impressions matter the most. We are in complete agreement with that statement 🤝. We miss meeting new people, there is something from offline interaction that can’t be replaced online. At least for now.


Team Quality Time

Over the past 20 months, we had lots of new faces, most of them were our interns. We didn’t get the chance to get to know them personally. Our outing and other get together plans were thrown out of the window for the time being 😖.

Bonding time with the team, especially new members, are much easier when we’re working from the office. Also, we miss our daily jajan session. Discussing what to buy, listing down the orders, and so on. Food indeed brings us closer together 🍩 .

Not only that, but we also miss having little chit-chats with pretty much everyone else, talking about the hot weather, whining about Jakarta’s traffic, and whatnot. We took them for granted.

Lastly, it sounds petty, but it's important; our beloved server and our office internet connection speed.

our office internet speed

Although we can remotely access the server through the internet, but it is best when we access it directly in the office. The speed and connectivity are still unbeatable.


What the future holds is still a mystery 🔮, but we are hopeful we won’t see another outbreak, so we can continue working from the office in the long run. Here’s to a better and healthier future!🍻

If you are interested in working with us or joining our team, you can always reach us at our WhatsApp number. We’d be happy to assist you or to have you as a part of our team.

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