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No-Junk Challenge: 4 Simple Rules to Be a Productive Mobile Guru

posted on August 4, 2016

No-Junk Challenge: 4 Simple Rules to Be a Productive Mobile Guru

Entering the month of National Celebration, let's talk about how Indonesia is doing in technological aspect, especially in mobile development and how we can overcome any situation by becoming a mobile guru.

There is no doubt that any online activities nowadays happen across multiple channels and devices. And mobile is one of the main factors that connects all the dots. Imagine that the mobile connection use in Indonesia has completely outgrown the entire population of the nation in about 1.5 times, with the average spending time of more than 3 hours per day.

More importantly, around 70% of the entire mobile users utilise their smartphones for transactions, whether it's a product purchase or service needs.

With such an outstanding growth presentation, it might be premature to sum up this euphoria as the real advancement, as consumers tend to encounter certain classic limitations, such as practicality, security and connectivity issue upon their transaction experience.

However, the real issue doesn't end there. As users incline to switch in-between various devices and channels, the rhythm doesn't really allow the content providers to analyse and quantify the effectiveness or performances of their products more thoroughly.

Nevertheless, with certain strategies, mobile is a truly powerful tool, not only for brands or content providers to explore and engage the respective market in many possible ways but also in daily use, especially for those who aren't savvy enough yet in mobile platform utilisation. Rather than feeding the public with some junks and narcissistic posts, why don't we just provide something useful that we can learn together?

Let's talk about some of the strategies here;

1. Be Informative

Think about what kind of information your audience might be looking for through search on mobile. Approach them with some relevant and useful info that will lead them to the deal.

2. Be the Solution

Those three aforementioned issues; practicality, connectivity and security might be the major deal breakers in most cases. However, we have all the knowledge and capabilities to share. Guide them thoroughly until the transaction is complete.

3. Be Inspiring

Inspirations can be found anywhere, let alone on mobile. One of them is, of course, this article. Find your audience and share some related inspirational contents, be it a motivational quote, tips, or interactive images. Let the ideas spark.

4. Be Memorable

Make sure you have all the adequate facilities and tools that meet your audience's needs. One seamless flow will lead to a lifetime of trust, and on the opposite, a flaw in their experience will make everything seems irrelevant.

Remember that practicality and security are the main issues in Indonesian mobile market, and trust is something we need to generate out of them. Providing the right content will certainly show our understanding in mobile utilisation, whereas at the same time contribute in giving what's needed in the society and better equip them with our content.

If you’re still unsure about your moves, drop us a call and we’ll kindly sort it out for you with our extensive range of services.

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