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Meet the Interns

posted on January 5, 2018

Meet the Interns

Most, if not all, Indonesian universities’ graphic design major require their students to take at least 3 months internship program in order to familiarize themselves with the real work environment before they actually graduate and work professionally.

Kamarupa has had several interns from various universities, some have been here for 3 months, others up to almost a year. At the moment we have 5 mighty apprentices: Selvia, Celia, Adeline, Maya and Bregas who are involved in certain elements of our projects based on each of their strengths and specialties.

We asked them a few questions regarding their experience at Kamarupa:

How did you know about Kamarupa?

When it’s time for their internship program, they started to look and found Kamarupa through Google search engine.


“I was googling for a ‘good design agency’ and Kamarupa’s website showed up,” said Selvia from Bina Nusantara University.

They also heard about the great working and, especially, learning experiences their seniors had interning here in the previous semesters.


“Some seniors said that the work environment is fun and they learned a lot. Then, I looked it up on Google and saw that Kamarupa had been handling great projects from various clients,” said Celia who was also from Bina Nusantara University.

What do you think of Kamarupa?


“It was my first time having an internship program at an agency and turns out it was so fun and I definitely learned a lot!” said Maya from Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, entering her third month at Kamarupa.


“The professionalism here is great, but also fun. They really pay attention to the final work. When there’s something ‘not enough’ or ‘missing’, the supervisors will kindly tell and guide us. No wonder they’ve had many great clients.” said Adeline from Bina Nusantara University.

Anyhow, we have reached a conclusion that Kamarupa can be described as ‘professional, yet fun.’ Within a friendly work environment, professionalism is still maintained with clear communication and workflow.

What’s your favorite project so far?

Website projects were the most popular ones, three of our interns has made website as their favorite project. One of the interns was Selvia, “I was given the opportunity to handle three website projects, and my favorite was a hygiene product brand. I liked the clean looks and really enjoyed doing the designs.”

“I was always interested in website projects since my study was focused on it. I was involved in two website projects, a premium plasticware, and an industrial equipment provider,” said Bregas.

As for Celia, her favorite project was a local traditional toy brand in which she really enjoyed doing mascot illustrations.

In the meantime, Maya also found that illustration was her interest in design. One time, she was involved in an anti-aging brand. Although she had not handled a lot of illustrations, she really enjoyed doing it, ”The supervisors briefed me about the concepts and I was able to explore more.”

What about the challenges?

Surely from everything in life, there are also challenges, and from that challenges, it can turn into learnings, too.

Selvia who has been an intern at Kamarupa for 10 months said that the number one challenge was the deadlines. But then she learned to manage all work and finished it all in time. One time she also learned to present directly to a client and that was one experience she’d never forget.

Bregas also agreed with Selvia about the deadlines, and he was quite surprised at first to be given such works but he learned to handled it and got along well, “I guess that’s one of many things about Kamarupa, the level of professionalism is so great because the deadlines were covered well. Digital imaging is also a challenge for me because there are so many editing elements.”


As for Maya, she learned more about integrated branding such as making logo and collaterals, “I was once assigned to an automotive catalog which was so challenging but fun at the same time.”

While for Adeline, being consistent with the brand on designing everything. “I was part of a website project for a stock industry.”

Paying attention to details such as font size and font type that fits perfectly into the brand was also something she learned. Not only that, website projects was one of her interests besides branding.

Consistency was also one of the challenges for Celia, “One brand can be handled by several designers, so one thing we have to pay attention to is how to unify and be consistent in applying the brand identity to several design items.”

Well, we hope that the experiences here at Kamarupa could help to get ready for a bright future that awaits each and everyone of them.

Interested in having great work experiences? Apply here to be our intern.

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