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posted on May 23, 2016


WWF Indonesia just launched a brand new website called Donatefornature, dedicated to accommodating its main donation campaigns; Turtle Hope to preserve the endangered turtle species and MyBabyTree as an interactive virtual tree adoption program.

It was such a huge honor for Kamarupa to be involved in this noble project, as in doing so, we also took part in supporting WWF's effort to protect our local biodiversity.

The website was constructed with a responsive design approach for an optimal viewing and easy access across any devices with different display specifications, with minimum adaptation between each platform required. This by all means conveys WWF's core value, which is about preservation and sustainability.

Collaborating with an environmental organization, we need to be more selective and careful in using the design elements and materials, to represent more of the identity and not otherwise. We used clean and simple layout with a selection of naturally breathtaking images and supported by some interactive, yet rather provoking infographics to emphasize the importance of the message and avoid any unnecessary distractions.

To fully serve its purpose as a donation website, the platform is also well-equipped with certain communicative features. Some that are worth mentioning includes geotagging and photo report, which allow its respective benefactors to get updated periodically, focusing on the location and progress of their contributions. This will certainly add the reliability and dependability value to the facility.

Interested in joining one of the causes or just curious on how this project turned out? Simply hop into donatefornature.com for more experience.

turtle hope poster 

my baby tree poster

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