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Diamond in The Rough

posted on May 3, 2016

Diamond in The Rough

Branding is a way of determining your identity and how you want others to recognise you. Whether it's for personal or business matter, a branding process might as well be illustrated as in the practice of cutting and polishing diamond in the rough, breaking them into five phases; dig deep, discover, design, develop and disperse.

1. Dig Deep

Before shaping it into one identifiable object, we need to have sufficient data on how we want to have it. We gather the required info and certain insights through some interviews and extensive research, both from the initiator himself and most importantly, the ones that will get the full experience on the brand: the consumers.

2. Discover

Data collected is analysed by extracting the essential key points to position the brand and further explore its strength and opportunities.

3. Design

With such broad findings, we form them into certain visual forms, through the selected shapes, spaces, colour schemes, typography and photography well-representing the quality and characteristics of the brand.

4. Develop

Consistency is the key in this development process. We implement the visual identity created onto a series of applications: brand collaterals, brand expressions, a library of graphic assets and a thorough brand application manual for future communication endeavours.

5. Disperse

A good branding is the one that is sustainable and adaptable. Should you require any rebranding effort in order to accommodate your development, we provide a consultation service for all branding and marketing needs, to ensure the conformity with the brand manual.


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