10 Vital Components of an Ideal Company Profile Design

posted on July 5, 2017

10 Vital Components of an Ideal Company Profile Design

To make a great first impression on prospective customers, it is essential to create a company profile design. A company profile is considered as an essential tool for any type of business and can be used as an effective marketing tool to attract new customers as well as investors.

So here are 10 things anyone shouldn’t miss when developing or designing a company profile.


1. Cover

10 Company Profile Components - cover

What makes a great company profile cover? It really is a subjective matter, but 2 things shouldn’t be missing from it:

• An enticing and explanatory image

Or lack thereof, in some cases. Either way, the cover should grab the readers’ attention while also giving them an idea of what the company is all about.

• The company logo and tagline

Well, obviously. One thing to note though, they should be in just enough size; not too big and not too small.

2. Table of contents

10 Company Profile Components - table of contents

Table of contents should be planned beforehand while keeping an open mind for slight changes later in the process. Here are several things to consider in planning a table of contents:
• Sections: foreword, directors, history, etc.
• The order of sections: including which side of a spread they fall on
• How many pages will each of them take
• The total number of pages which should be a multiple of 4
• The layout: keep it simple and functional

3. Foreword

10 Company Profile Components - foreword

As one of the first pages in a company profile design, the director’s letter page/spread should capture the spirit of the company.

Create photos & a letter that are suitable with the company’s personality and the industry.

4. Board of Directors

10 Company Profile Components - board of directors

Although scheduling can be tough, it’s important that readers see the directors in a group shot to get a sense of solidity from the company.

5. Story

Beyond design, a company profile should be able to tell a story. Create a narrative that starts from the company’s beginning and ends at the present time or even the future.

10 Company Profile Components - story

Pick important historical miletones that build towards the company’s current state and try to arrange them in such way that is relevant to the company ot the industry.

6. Vision & values

10 Company Profile Components - vision and values

Make sure that your company’s goals and beliefs come through to the readers by use an inspiring image that is relevant to the vision and the industry.

10 Company Profile Components - vision and values

Are you still in the process of forming your vision & values? This article might be useful.

7. People

10 Company Profile Components - people

Whatever the business, products or services, the human factor plays an important role in any company. Portray them in such ways that suggest competence and trustworthiness.

10 Company Profile Components - people

8. Portfolio

A portfolio section showcases the company’s array of capabilities and/or results. Use professionally-taken, high quality images that to represent each product/service.

Include short captions with just enough informative details (year/location/function, specifications, etc.)

10 Company Profile Components - portfolio

It’s also a good idea to sort them chronologically or alphabetically for easier navigation.

9. Achievements

10 Company Profile Components - achievements

Without giving as much detail as an annual report does, it’s good to have a brief summary of the company’s financial state. It gives investors just enough information to get them interested.

10 Company Profile Components - achievements

A geographical overview of the company’s reach is also a good thing to include in a company profile design.

10. Contact information

10 Company Profile Components - contact information

This is the part that is often taken for granted. Readers who are interested after reading the content of your company profile surely need to know how to contact you, so make sure that all active addresses and contact points are listed:
• Office address
• Phone number
• E-mail address
• Website URL
• Social media handles (optional)

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