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High Street Studio consultants have had a lot of experience designing co-working interior design. The Uptown Design of co-working and serviced office in Jakarta is one of them. To attract a market share of middle up workers and multinational companies, the High Street Studio is designing the serviced office interior with a premium design.

High Street Studio is inspired by the concept of the New York States of Mind, where the people who live there is never reluctant to interact with each other. It is making the city a very dynamic place. This thought was implemented into an atmosphere of an open-plan workspace. The large work desk, which is equipped with a small meeting spot located on the side. The industrial style presents the space’s style through the exposure of brick, steel, and wood panels. To match the tagline idea that says People, Place, Ideas, Uptown have a co-working interior design that is very different from the others!

Jakarta, Indonesia  


950 m2

Interior Design

Completed 2018

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