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A melting pot of people from all over Indonesia, Jakarta has it all. Jakarta has speciality restaurants throughout the city, from Mexican and French to Turkish and Japanese. As of late, Japanese cuisine has seen a constant upward trend in the market, namely ramen and sushi restaurants.

Ramen is a Japanese dish with a literal translation of “pulled noodles”. Every bowl of ramen is noodles served with meat or fish-based broth, usually flavoured with soy sauce or fermented soybean paste (Miso), and various toppings such as minced meat, nori, and scallions. Ramen Ten Ten presents halal ramen, quite a rarity in Jakarta as most ramen restaurants usually served their dish with sliced pork or pork broth.

When designing Ramen Ten Ten’s logo, we were inspired by the Japanese mythology Daikokuten (The god of wealth and guardian of farmers) and Japanese classic colour of red. The word “Ten Ten” is written stroke-like font to give an authentic feel of Japan. As for the brand colours we chose prosperity red and heavenly white, with a hint of noble black to balance it all.

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Branding Graphic

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