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With rising trends like dim sum, sushi, and the latest one is a bubble or boba tea, it is not exaggerating to say that Asian food has taken over the world. One of the oldest among them is dim sum.

Dim sum itself is a style of Chinese cuisine, prepared in small bite-sized pieces, and usually to be shared with friends or family. Many people acknowledge dim sum as one of their comfort foods.

Newly opened Pao Dim Sum serves a wide variety of dim sum dishes from the classic shumai to the flavorsome durian bun. We designed the Pao Dim Sum logo to have a bold and modern look, in contrast to the typical Chinese restaurants. This look is chosen to attract young customers who usually go to Chinese restaurants only with their families. The Charcoal color is selected to amped up the bright and energetic Butterscotch color.

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Branding Graphic

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