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As we’re transitioning to the Industry 4.0 era, the demand for the likes of automation, cloud computing, the internet of things, and artificial intelligence is on the rise. A data centre where space is dedicated to housing computer systems and associated components plays a crucial role in the Industry 4.0 movement as IT operations are pivotal for business continuity.

Indo Keppel Data Centres, a joint venture between the Salim Group and the Keppel Group, arrive to support Indonesia's transformation to the Industry 4.0. Indo Keppel Data Centres is built and operated to the highest industry standards to provide a secure, reliable, and always-connected data centre solution for everyone.

We designed Indo Keppel Data Centres logo by combining data traffic in & out and the brand initial (IndoKeppel) itself. We used sans-serif uppercase typeface to create a bold look, while the colours are chosen to reflect the company's image as a professional, modern, and trusted data centre.

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Branding Graphic

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