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Established in Padang eight years ago, Daima Hotel continues to expand and grow as a brand. In 2018, they opened their second hotel in the prestigious Menteng, Jakarta under the name Daima Norwood Hotel.

Daima Hotel embarked 2020 with new branding. We used bold typography and the shape of a key incorporated into the letter ‘d’ from Daima to represent the perfect doorway to your chamber. The tagline ‘The Key For Your Trip’ is to further emphasize the excellent service of Daima Hotel, which will allow hotel residents to have a good rest, an important key in one’s travel.

As secondary graphics, we took inspiration from West Sumatra traditional culture batik patterns. Batik Rangkiang illustrates welfare and life as well as Batik Pucuk Rebung that symbolises heritage and inclusivity as part of the holistic brand system.

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