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Life is filled with a series of events, a fair amount of them are unexpected and may further result in financial loss. In order to steer clear from the undesirable loss, people opt for insurance. Insurance will give them peace of mind knowing they have planned the solutions for the unexpected.

BRI Life, a relatively newcomer in the insurance industry, rose to the challenge to be one of Indonesia's leading insurance firm. They offer various products, from life insurance to microinsurance. With their bancassurance programme, BRI Life saw an impressive growth in late 2017. BRI Life set their sights to an even better 2018.

We designed their annual communication products for 2018 with BRI Life's distinctive blue and orange tone. We pictured various scenarios that might happen and will need the safety net insurance offers. BRI Life provides second chance behind unpredicted events in our life because after all, life is always full of surprises.

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