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When Two Creative Minds Collide

posted on November 21, 2018

When Two Creative Minds Collide

According to Forbes, print materials and publications are still a hit because they offer a distinct brand experience that can’t be replicated online. One of print publications, magazine has a unique relationship with its readers. The feeling of holding a printed magazine is a fascinating experience for most people.

We recently collaborated with Inclover, a lifestyle magazine who strive to find the perfect balance of professional and leisure. We designed a diorama to visualize the layers of our everyday life as their cover. It also acts as a subtle reminder it's important to take some time off every now and then to refresh our mind.

Furthermore, we also gave an insight about how branding evolves to personal branding as of late. The term branding has been associated with companies for as long as we remember, but lately it's getting personal. As individual, we have our own 'packaging' and how we package ourself might determine our future.

Grab your Inclover October issue to find out more!

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