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What we did in our Mid-Year Meeting 2015

posted on June 16, 2015

What we did in our Mid-Year Meeting 2015

Two days, three meeting sessions, 18 creative workers. See what happened at Lembang, Bandung where our integrated branding, graphic design, digital marketing and interior/architecture team got together for our mid-year meeting.

Day 1

Fresh air and full stomachs were all we need after an exhausting 4-hour drive from Jakarta. So we stopped by at Maja House (Sugar & Cream) Rooftop Bar and Restaurant for our first brunch/meeting session.

After eating while enjoying the view from the balcony, we moved indoors for our team evaluation session. Each team sat in different tables and did some review of every member’s performance.

Next up we were headed to Bamboo Village where we were going to stay for the night. Wasting no time, we started working on our drawing boards right away for the next meeting session.

A short drive away was The Peak Resort Dining. Its intimate setting was perfect for members of each team to mingle with one another amidst live music and good food.

Back at the villa, we gathered by the fireplace to present our drawing boards containing each team’s reviews and goals for the future. It was all nice and shady, but we had to go creative with the lighting.

Day 2

We spent the whole next day at Dusun Bambu, matching T-shirts and all. Beyond the rice fields was a really well-designed establishment where visitors can dine and explore (and meet, in our case).

All in all it was a fulfilling, well-balanced two days where we had the chance to meet, bond and have a great time with fellow team members while discussing tomorrow together.

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