Walk like Brodo: 5 steps toward a startup’s success

posted on May 17, 2017

Walk like Brodo: 5 steps toward a startup’s success

Started in 2010, Brodo is now one of the most successful shoe companies in Indonesia. Their success has earned them the award ‘Indonesia Most Creative Companies 2015’ by SWA magazine.

A talkshow event called Jump Start was held by Jakarta Creative Hub. It featured some startup business insights from M. Yukka Harlanda and Christopher Angkasa, Brodo’s co-founder and angel investor respectively.

Here are 5 things that we learn from them about what it takes to build a successful startup company.

Brodo startup tips: a distinct character


1. A distinct character

Because it’s not only about selling a product anymore. It’s also about selling authenticity, a story, a movement and a lifestyle.

Brodo is all about brotherhood which is consistently apparent in their marketing endeavors; they focus on the male demographic, calling their customers ‘Bro’ and using relatable public figures as their brand ambassadors.

Brodo startup tips: the right business model

2. The right business model

It requires a great amount of courage to take risks in finding the strategy that works best for the business.

We know this for a fact; it took two years and three tries for one of our closest client to finally arrive to a business model that profits!

Brodo startup tips: focus on customer srevice

3. Focus on customer service

People like a brand that is invested in their ultimate satisfaction and has an emotional bond with them.

A good customer experience has a multiplying effect; it has a very high possibility of driving a second purchase, a third purchase and so forth.

Brodo startup tips: willingness to learn

4. Willingness to learn

Curiosity opens doors for new technology and marketing opportunities while keeping people and culture at the core.

One doesn’t need to invest that much to learn new things. In fact, Yukka got most of his business knowledge just from watching Youtube videos.

Brodo startup tips: commitment and discipline

5. Commitment and discipline

Remember that business is like a rollercoaster, and these are two things that need to be held along the ups and downs.

Yukka and Chris have gone through just that, and it was their commitment and discipline that brought their business growing by leaps and bounds.



All images are taken from their website and Instagram page.

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