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The Psychology Behind Great Restaurant Design

posted on August 2, 2017

The Psychology Behind Great Restaurant Design

We've shared some restaurant design inspirations here. Now we are going to go beyond façade and fixtures; let's take a look at the psychology behind great restaurant design.

If you think that we are the ones in control when deciding on which restaurant we frequent, think again.

Designers and restaurant owners have long been constructing detailed, meticulous schemes to lure us in and keep us coming back for more. Every little detail are chosen and shaped around age, preferences and status to capture certain types of people into their restaurant.

So, how exactly does great restaurant design impact us psychologically? Our friends at industville.co.uk has put together a nice infographic that breaks down and illustrates the following secrets:

• How colours affect our appetite
• Which scents stimulate different behaviours
• The three primary sections behind planning restaurant lighting
• How acoustics can trigger certain habits
• The strong considerations behind designing the interior

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The Psychology Behind Great Restaurant Design

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