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The 11 Year Journey of Kamarupa

posted on April 17, 2018

The 11 Year Journey of Kamarupa

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much- Helen Keller.” Built since 2007, together with the team, we are still growing and going strong. Another year has been greatly passed and we reached the 11-year journey.

In the event of our 11th anniversary, we decided to have a short trip for 3 days to enjoy the fresh air of Bandung, looking for inspiration, and not to mention, having fun together with the team. After planning the trip on previous days, the convoyed cars started the short trip to Bandung at 10 AM.


Arrived in Bandung, quickly we got our lunch before starting the activities of the day. Besides, you know what they say, lunch hour is the best hour of the day! We had the delicious Sundanese food served and ate it with pleasure and laughter. See our happy faces eager for the trip below.


A sip of caffeine was definitely needed as our eyes started to get heavy after lunch. So a pit stop was made and we went to a coffee shop. The place was cozy and quite fun, and most importantly, Instagrammable. The picture below is one many pictures we took while we were there.


Moving on, we then went to a supermarket, not only to shop for our needs while in Bandung, but also made it fun into a game. The game itself was designed by our own team and has a valuable message related to work life in Kamarupa Design Group. The game was to divide our team into 2 groups and the task was to buy food ingredients for our dinner.

The instructions were given in a form of riddles rather than given bluntly. Time was also set and both groups had to finish the task as fast as possible. Moral of the game? Briefs from clients are not always given bluntly and deadlines were always involved. Sadly, we had too much fun to take a picture there.

Then, come the time for us to fulfill our appetite at Pascal Food Market. Another game was played where each person of our team randomly got a name and what that person wants to eat. Same like before, the instructions were not given bluntly. We have to buy the food following the description what the person wants to eat. Taking an example from work, briefs were given to the designers and the designers have to deliver it.



When the sun was set, we all went to the villa we rent to get some rest. The villa itself was amazingly beautiful and cozy with modern Swedish interior. 



As soon as the sun was up, some of us crossed the Cikole River next to our villa and went to a pine forest. As we walked around, we can smell the clean and fresh air around us with beautiful scenery and morning dew everywhere. It felt really good to escape from city traffic and enjoying the nature around us. While some of us went to the pine forest, the others cooked small breakfast together. You know what they say; breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

We then proceed to a famous theme park to rush some adrenaline. We played a number of rides together and share the laughter with some screamings too. Spending time together in a theme park was definitely so much fun.


After satisfied with the rides, we decided to went back to the villa for dinner. Arrived, we immediately preparing dinner together in the kitchen and cook ourselves some delicious curry katsu-don with the ingredients we bought on the first day.


After having a happy tummy, we played a set of games created by our team member. Again, we divided our team into two groups to make it more fun and competitive. One of the game was to channel the message by whispering it until the last person of the group and he or she has to draw it correctly. 



It was almost midnight, and we have tired ourselves from yummy dinner and laughter we shared when the games were played. The results for both teams were equal, yet some of the team members could not escape from the powder on their face when they got it wrong.
Next, the cake was prepared to celebrate our anniversary. After 11 years of journey, there are still a lot more to learn and improve. Together with the team, we could grow together over time. 



Just like everything else, eventually, the short yet fun trip has to come to an end. We savored the moments as much as we can before going back to Jakarta. We packed up all our things and say goodbye to the beautiful villa. We had our last lunch for the trip before heading back straight to Jakarta. So long Bandung! Cheers to many years to come!


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