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Online trend “storm” about to hit harder in 2018

posted on December 23, 2017

Online trend “storm” about to hit harder in 2018

As we explained in our previous article, offline pretty much took a big punch from online, causing several stores to close its doors forever. But even if you decided to move online in 2018, what to do to make sure you’ll join the survivors? Here is our prediction about 2018’s marketing channel trend.

Content production will become even more important. The brand that occupies most of users’ reading time will eventually occupies their wallets. Easy-to-understand and fun content, text, short videos, and touching stories designer to capture users’ time is a priority that your company should do. By content production, you also need to know the importance of a good logo, good copywriting, and good design for the sake of your brand.


You need to know that mobile will continue to be the marketing hero on the next year as social media dominated the past two years. Customers nowadays use their smartphones to do research on products or services and pricing before making purchases. You should use it as your advantage to make a difference with the competitors. Build a website or app that can accommodate their needs from browsing your products, pay, and even scheduling the delivery time all from one convenient source.


According to Forbes, about half of the dominating generation will use social media to find out about a product. Not only they will buy the product online, they also plan to post it on social media. That’s a clean sweep for you. Furthermore, there are studies that show that 69% of Facebook users visit to find discounts and share the information with friends. Yes, it’s the power of word-of-mouth in the digital era.


With Snapchat and Instagram Stories still on the rise by the end of 2017, you can use short videos as it will be a focal point for marketers next year. While consumption habits are shifting from text and pictures to short videos, marketers biggest challenge next year is to effectively and sustainably produce high-quality short video content that interest users.


The need for content marketing distribution has never been greater. As brands and marketers increasingly rely on content marketing as a major part of their marketing strategies and produce more content of their own, it’s become harder to cut through the noise and grab your customer’s attention before your competitors do. The solution to that problem isn’t to create content at an even faster speed. Instead, you’ve got to think about how you can distribute your content better than anyone else in your area. Particularly in 2018, it’s important to put together a comprehensive content distribution strategy to get your message to the right people when they need it most.


Now it’s December, in order to accommodate what we explained to you about 2018 trend, many companies are starting to look at agencies. They don’t purchase right away, but to look for agencies to present in their budget meeting January. Download our portfolio as a reference for you or your team to kick off your marketing activities in the exciting year of 2018.

It’s a real thing that offline took punches from online but sure there are ways to survive and it’s not too late. The 2018 marketing channel trend will be nothing but the same as 2017 but with more ways to do them. From a timeless good logo to short videos to be posted on your company’s social media. All of them will improve some points such as the experience, emotional, and personal aspect or identity.

Bottom line, by providing what millennials and previous generation wants, your company joining with the survivors is a sure thing.

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