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More Than Just Good Food: 10 Ways to Spice Up Your Restaurant Interior Design

posted on April 12, 2017

More Than Just Good Food: 10 Ways to Spice Up Your Restaurant Interior Design

A good restaurant interior design can do as much for the business as good food and drinks can. Here are 10 restaurant interior design tips and inspirations to help create a good ambience and a great dining experience.

1. An attractive façade

First impression is the most lasting one. Greet your customers and passers-by with a shop front that is intriguing, interesting and inviting.

Domain The Club - restaurant interior design
Domain The Club, Senayan City, Jakarta

2. A suitable seating arrangement

Your restaurant seating layout sets the scene for your guests' dining experience and separates you from competitors. Make sure that it also fits the type of food and beverages that you’re serving.

Blend Wine & Co. - restaurant interior design
Blend Wine & Co., Balikpapan

3. Effective lighting

The quality of light in a restaurant environment has a direct impact on customer experience. It helps to make your food look appetising and create a certain ambience.

Embassy Club Balikpapan - restaurant interior design
Embassy Club, Balikpapan

4. As much natural light as possible

Daylight is naturally the most comfortable light. Let the sun in through windows or skylights to create different ambiences throughout the day.

Minus Two Bar - restaurant interior design
Minus Two Bar, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

5. Good space for circulation

Balance the number of seats with the amount of space in-between to optimise traffic for guests and employees.

Bariuma Ramen Setiabudi One - restaurant interior design
Bariuma Ramen, Setiabudi One, Jakarta

6. An outdoor area

If possible, invest in an outdoor seating area to add some extra charm to your restaurant and additional value to your customers.

WE - restaurant interior design
WE, South Quarter, Jakarta

7. Create a visual focal point

As in any design, a striking feature that demands attention is necessary in a restaurant interior design. A chandelier or a mural painting can do the trick.

Hide and Seek Swillhouse - restaurant interior design
Hide and Seek Swillhouse, Fairgrounds SCBD, Jakarta

8. Open kitchen concept 

In today’s information age, an open kitchen is opted by many new restaurants. Having food prepared in plain sight shows the establishment’s hygiene and professionalism. 

SaladStop! - restaurant interior design
SaladStop!, Senayan City, Jakarta

9. Decorative elements

Put substantial effort in finding or creating decorative elements that support your restaurant’s concept and add to your customers’ dining experience.

Coco Ichibanya Neo Soho - restaurant interior design
Coco Ichibanya, Neo Soho, Jakarta

10. Private areas

Last but not least, VIP areas allow your restaurant to cater to private events. Besides the obvious partition(s), special interior elements are necessary in creating a distinct ambience.

WE - restaurant interior design
West and East, South Quarter, Jakarta

There you have it, 10 ways to spice up your restaurant venue. These tips are taken from our experience in handling various clients in the Food and Beverages industry. View our complete interior design portfolio.

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