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Minimalist From Home Design to Lifestyle

posted on July 24, 2018

Minimalist From Home Design to Lifestyle

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The minimalist home itself has been some kind of a trend the past few decades. How can a minimalist home support your lifestyle? A home is a long-term thing and it surely will affect how to live a life in a certain way.

Less is more. For you who are delighted with anything practical and simple, a minimalist home is the best choice for you. Even more, many housing brings out the concept of a minimalist home design. Many likes to use a minimalist home design because of the use of neutral colors on its furniture and interior design, as well as clear and simple lines.

Another reason why people like a minimalist home design is because it is easy to find types of furniture to fill in the house that fits with the house itself. Also, it is easier to renovate and change styles because of its plain and simple facade.

Creating Perfect Minimalist Home Design

Actually, the image of a minimalist home design in Indonesia is quite different from a minimalist home design in another country. Take an example of the roof. In another country, a minimalist home design has a flat roof meanwhile, in Indonesia, the roof that is used is a conical roof.

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That might have something to do with Indonesia’s weather with the heavy rain volume. The flat roof has a higher leaking tendency rather than a conical roof because the raindrops that fell onto the roof cannot directly flow down.

Aside from the roof, the thing you need to pay attention to a minimalist home model is geometric lines and less accent. The color used in the minimalist home design is usually monochrome with a bit of variation. You can create several focal points in the home for more accentuating.

With less is more principle, try not to have many details or accents in a minimalist home interior. All types of furniture are also created with its own functions. That is the main key applied by a minimalist home architect when it comes to designing a minimalist home.

Simple yet Multifunctional Furniture

Other than home design, minimalist style can also be applied in the interior. To create a minimalist impression, furniture can be made hidden or flat with the wall for a seamless look. Utilize the space under the stairs to be a storage room. When it comes to a minimalist home interior, your skill in arranging and storing things are tested.

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Multifunction furniture will create a lot of empty spaces, which is one of the principles of a minimalist home interior. Seeing from the interior side, the details should avoid accents like carvings and striking colors. Though you can use one (or two, maximum) bright color(s) or decorations with a geometric pattern for more variation.

Empty spaces will make a home looks cleaner, practical, and fresh to see. Aside from that, empty spaces also led to good air circulation and good natural lighting inside the house, which is a good thing for health reasons. To maximize the lights to get into the house, a minimalist home model also use lots of glass. The glass with its clean looks also supports the looks of a minimalist home.

The Touch of Nature Completes the Home

Many think that a modern minimalist home does not need the touch of plants or trees because it will ruin the simple effect. Those are not true, in fact, the touch of nature helps to complete a minimalist home decoration.

When you avoid complex accent of house decorations, surely plants can be an interesting accent yet still fits with the minimalist looks you want to show. Here are a few plants usually used by a minimalist home design lovers:

  • Succulent

This kind of plants has various beautiful shapes and can be put in a room. Similar to cactus, succulent does not need lots of water. Succulent has various shapes with various color. Because of its small size, a succulent is perfect for a table or window decoration.

  • Monstera

Monstera deliciosa is also known as a ceriman plant in Indonesia. Originated from Central America, the plant has wide leaves with aesthetic holes and tears. Many also know this plant as a monster plant.

The monster plant lives in a pot or directly planted into the soil. However, if the plant is planted in a pot, the leaves won’t be as big as the one that is planted directly into the soil. With leaf fertilizer given routinely once every 30 days, the plant can live and grow with beautiful leaves.

  • Heliconia

The plant comes from Musacae family, it has leaves and stems that looks similar to a banana tree. However, the size of the leaf and stem is not as big a the real banana tree. The plant has flowers that look similar with stacked red or orange yellowish banana. The plant is perfect to be put in the yard for a beautiful home exterior.

Minimalist Home for Minimalist Lifestyle

Fumio Sasaki, the author of “Goodbye, Things”, has been living the minimalist lifestyle with as few items as possible in his house. Psychologically, the fewer items you have, it will lead to a simpler way of thinking.

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You can avoid stress when you got home from work and find your home still tidy without scattered things around the house. Although it might be not that extreme, the minimalist lifestyle can be achieved by having and using things due to its maximum function.

Set a place for everything you have. So, you don’t have to see piles of things you don’t need to use in a house corner or confuse where to put your things. Therefore, your home will feel more comfortable because of its tidiness and cleanliness.

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So, prepare a minimalist home design and interior well to support your future lifestyle. To get a minimalist home of your dream, it’s safe to say to look for partners to help you achieve it.

Designing a home must be well-considered and carefully done because a home will be used for a long-term, and became the place for a family to grow. For that, prepare for the best for your family. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a help through marketing@kamarupa.co.id or click here. We are happy to help you to achieve your dream house.

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