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Medina's First Birthday

posted on April 4, 2018

Medina's First Birthday

Medina launched its new products on its first birthday. With another year has passed, Medina still is the first foodware with the halal certification by Majelis Ulama Indonesia.


On March 15th, Medina marked its first birthday with launching 8 new products from 8 collections. The press event was held at Ashley Hotel, Central Jakarta.

Guests were greeted with a simple yet elegant booth, showing ongoing product collections of Medina. Dominated by warm lighting, one by one the guests entered the room to be seated while listening to Medina’s jingle.

The event started with the presentation about Medina followed by the launching of the products marked with opening the curtain with tosca color and showing a dome-shaped display booth containing Medina’s new products.

Tosca color was also seen dominated the event as it is also Medina’s brand identity color. Medina’s representative then opens a Q&A session with the media and new products presentation.

To see more of Medina’s brand expression, photography, and marketing tools, see our portfolio section or click here.

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