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May Birthday Bash

posted on June 26, 2015

May Birthday Bash

Early 2015 we vouch to commemorate our members’ birthdays with a twist of fantasy character. Last May we celebrated our very own Joanna’s and Andre’s birthdays. What did they become? Let’s scroll and take a look yourselves ;)

Beginning with Joanna, we started off by sounding what character we would bring to life. At first she thought we’re joking, so this time we were really committed to hold on to our own words. Then with the help of our airsoft enthusiast, we really made it! 

That day we were so busy that we could not dine out, so G.I Joy had to take some money at the mall then ordered our dinner personally to the nearest local restaurant and brought them back to the office. She even forgot to take off her gun pocket before she took off! But she managed to come back safely anyway.

Not to forget, here is a group photo to commemorate Jojoy’s 23rd birthday!

Next, was Andre’s birthday. Having a mild image of a grown up male, we wondered what we should dress him up with. Then, an idea came up to make him wayyyyyy younger than he looks!! Guess what? Meet Andrecchio who celebrated his birthday with cucina italiana!  

And yes, all of us really went to dinner using the exact costume we wore in the office (see below for refference). And no, we haven’t met kids who wants to take pictures with us (yet). 

Awee.. Look how happy he is in this photo!  

It always feel like a long tiring day, but really precious at the same time. See how Andre and Joanna struggle to asked for directions or wandered around to buy us food? It’s brand new experience for a starting chapter in our new age, challenging and freshening up our life in a weird way! Long story short, here is a credit photo (although not the full team) for the crew behind every birthdays so far :)

Thanks Andre for the treats & Joy for the threats and Happy Birthday again! May your lives be filled with new adventures and blessings.

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