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Looking Back on Our 2019

posted on February 12, 2020

Looking Back on Our 2019

The clock always ticks at the same pace, 100 years ago, 10 years ago, last year, and even right now. However, we often hear how fast time flies especially when we’re having fun.

A study by psychological scientists Philip Gable & Bryan Pool of the University of Alabama found that the excitement generated by the active pursuit of a goal is what causes us to perceive time passing quickly. Now this explains why our 2019 flew by! 

We filled our 2019 with a great deal of exciting projects, our main goal is always to produce our best work yet.

 Working at kamarupa

Working at kamarupa

When 2019 came to an end, we acted as the Secret Santa for children at the Abhimata Mitrasamaya Orphanage in Bintaro, Banten and Bhakti Luhur Orphanage in Bajawa, East Nusa Tenggara. We also made a donation for Karya Murni Foundation in Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara; the foundation operates an orphanage and two special needs schools in the area.

Panti Asuhan Abimata

Donating to Panti Asuhan Abimata Donating to Panti Asuhan Abimata

A few weeks after our CSR activity, we ended 2019 with a team lunch where we devoured dishes after dishes of good food.

End of year feast End of year feast

End of year feast

During the team lunch, we bid farewell to Joanna who’s been with Kamarupa Design Group for almost five years. We are forever grateful to have her as an important part of our team & we wish her every success in her next journey.
Joanna's Farewell  Joanna's Farewell

Now we’re raring to do even better in 2020.
Happy belated new year and here’s to an exciting year ahead of us!

Kamarupa Team 2019

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