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Local Creator Rises in Makerfest 2018

posted on July 16, 2018

Local Creator Rises in Makerfest 2018

It’s time for the local creator rise and grows. Though there have been many local creators producing high-quality products, there’s still not many people are aware of it and still choose imported products. Makerfest 2018 aims to let the local creator rise, in which Pepper Secret as one of our clients is chosen to be the top 30 local creators.

Launched in March 2018, Makerfest 2018 is an independent platform, in a mission to look for Indonesian creator, as well as educating and inspiring them. Makerfest is in cooperation with Tokopedia (one of the biggest e-commerce in Indonesia) and Creative Economy Agency.

Courtesy photo of Tokopedia

Not only in cooperation with great corporation and agency, Makerfest 2018 has the supports of Indonesian government institutions, namely Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Trade, and Ministry of Communication and Informatics. Tokopedia here has a role as the liaison between Indonesian local creator and investors along with the government.

Makerfest 2018 has a series of events, starting April until December 2018, spread across 8 cities of Indonesia. Aiming for the growth of local creator from small business to become as big as an industry, furthermore become a worldwide brand from Indonesia. Makerfest 2018 connects the local creator with marketplace platform, logistics, banking, investor, and the Indonesian government.

There is also the competition where the top 3 best teams will be picked from the 8 cities to join Makerfest Festival 2018 in Jakarta on December 2018. For the 3 winners of Local Maker Competition 2018, there will be rewards to grow their business and given the chance of consultation and collaboration with creative industry creator in national level.

With digital business as the theme of Makerfest 2018, the event was believed able to become an information and education platform for the local business creator in Indonesia. There are 30 local creators from each city showing their unique products. Visitors can visit the event for workshops, creative seminars from the local creator, and meet with other local creators.

The products from the local creator also vary, from clothing, bags, accessories, until home appliance and culinary. Our client, Pepper Secret, has been chosen to be the top 30 local creators of Makerfest 2018.

Courtesy image of Instagram: @makerfest.id

Pepper Secret is a local creator who extends the usage of Belitung pepper beyond spices to personal care and home care categories. Pepper Secret aims to introduce its brand all over the world, selling it to tourists in several famous places in Indonesia such as Belitung, Bali, and Jakarta.

Pepper Secret explores the benefits of pepper, making sure that it can be delivered for daily use through any forms such as soap bar and body wash. They are using a specific type of pepper, Mandarin peppercorn, to be processed to be various products.

Their handcrafted products sell out not only to local people but also international tourist which is most of them have approved of their sustainable product and especially take a liking of Indonesian Spices. Indonesia’s was one of the top supplier of spices to the rest of the world for centuries.

The high value of the spices brought power and wealth to the supplier kingdom and lured Europeans to Indonesia back in the days. From the trace of the history of the spice trade, nowadays Indonesia is still the world’s top producers of nutmeg, ginger, mace, cloves, and pepper.

Pepper Secret as one of the local creator brings this unique idea for making home-product from Indonesian spices. They're determined to present their brands and make the products to be well-known overseas and from Indonesia. Show your support and vote for Pepper Secret in Makerfest 2018 by clicking here.

We helped Pepper Secret building the brand and packaging design of their products. This design has a Dutch colonial look in a modern color combination which shows an elegant and clean packaging which suited their vision to expand their brand internationally. Click here to see our works for Pepper Secret.

Interested in having a professional relationship like Pepper Secret? contact us at marketing@kamarupa.co.id or just click here.

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