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Just our type of scene: TDC62 Jakarta

posted on September 11, 2017

Just our type of scene: TDC62 Jakarta

Typography is not as popular a term as some of its counterparts —calligraphy and photography, just to name a few— but it is certainly present in most if not all graphic design works as the link between visual and verbal communication. So when such a rare opportunity to see the best typographic works from all around the world came to our neighborhood, we couldn’t help but pay a visit.

Despite the exclusive-sounding name, The Type Directors Club welcomes anyone from different ends of the graphic design industry —advertising, communications, education, marketing, and publishing— to become its member and submit their typographic works for the whole world to see. Founded in 1946, the international organization has been promoting excellence in typography ever since through frequent workshops, annual competitions and traveling exhibitions.

As part of their Indonesian tour, the 2017 Type Directors Club exhibition TDC62 was held from August 14 until September 6, 2017 at the Indonesia Design Development Center, Jakarta. Walking into its skylit lobby, we were greeted by an ascending spiral of hanging boards on which a couple of introductory panels and a curated collection of typographic posters were mounted and displayed. We didn’t get to know the story behind each artwork, but that was probably the point; posters are supposed to be easy to understand and appreciate even when taken out of context.




The other half of the exhibits was displayed inside IDDC’s coworking space. Although lighting was not ideal, it was perfectly clear that a lot of thought was put into each branding, packaging design and editorial design work being displayed.


On top of a renewed appreciation for typography, we were able to take a lot of inspiration from the exhibits. We hope that the event could cast some well deserved light on the role of typography in graphic design.

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