In-house designer, freelancer, or agency? Get the best of all three!

posted on January 19, 2018

In-house designer, freelancer, or agency? Get the best of all three!

Over the past year, there is an increasing awareness among companies and brands about the importance of good design in keeping up with and getting ahead of the competition. Those companies wants to set a great benchmark so the presence of the company never leave customer’s mind and heart.

Say it's time to budget, and you have to decide between three routes: hiring an in-house designer, commission a freelance designer, and working with a design agency. All produce the same types of work. So where will you go? Who will you call? Each has its own ups and downs but let's go through them one by one, and see if you can get the best of all three.


In-house designer

Hiring your very own designer means that you can communicate every design project efficiently and get consistent result as expected since many projects will be done by the same person. You will spend a predictable, consistent cost since the designer is a part of your company.

The downside is, the in-house designer will work with minimum quality control because no art director is around. Moreover, they potentially lack creativity, working on monotonous projects. And you don’t want that to happen, do you?

Freelance designer

Another economical approach is hiring a freelancer. A freelance designer is an individual graphic designer, who can work on your design project for an agreed upon rate or fee. Most freelance designers don’t have the overhead costs of an agency. They “damage” your company a little less than agencies do.

Their working time or days are usually quite flexible. But the flexibility does not always apply to the type of work they can do, since individuals tend to have strengths in certain, not all, areas of design.

And not unlike our first option, they lack filter or quality control. So prepare some time and energy to review their work in detail. You will spend much time revising this and that since a freelance designer usually also have to juggle between your project and other’s project on their hands.

Design agency

Last but not least, a design agency. An agency gives the impression as a “one-stop-service” vendor because most provide a wide range of design services. They might seem unflexible in time, but sometimes it just takes some negotiation.

Furthermore, agencies usually have a team of designers, allowing a broader range of expertise that is supervised and filtered. This is the main benefit of hiring an agency (which come with a relativity higher pricing).

So that was the pros and cons of three possible options. Now, leave the cons and go with the pros. We have a NEW service that has all the advantages in one packaged goodness.

Design subscription

Subscription is our latest program that gives you the best design experience under one service. The program was crafted with you in our mind to help you get the best results you’re always looking for.

Developed in an environment containing 50 people of diverse expertise, we make sure every single work that comes to your desk is the best result that meets your needs and gets quality controlled by our Art Director. You will also get the consistent and expected result since your project will be done by the same people. Scheduling is flexible and subject to negotiation. Last but certainly not least, our pricing will be relatively lower than ad-hoc projects and your design expense should be a consistent one.

Now, if you can get the best advantages of all three under one roof, why look for others? What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and give us a call now to get all the information regarding our Subscription service.

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