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Ideafest 2017: Truly a Festival of Collaboration

posted on October 9, 2017

Ideafest 2017: Truly a Festival of Collaboration

People are social beings and life is basically a series of interactions. Ideas may be personal but creations reach their highest potential when more than one minds work together in a collaborative process. That is probably why Ideafest chose “Festival of Collaboration” as this year’s theme.

Guessworks aside, the event was definitely packed with visitors from many different walks of life and more than 100 speakers from an abundance of creative professions: digital business, content creation, fintech, music, film, culinary, social innovation and the list goes on. The topics covered during its conference and classes are as diverse.

A diverse crowd at Jakarta Convention Center.

In line with the theme, Ideafest also brought in several art installations and gave room for online businesses to bring their store into an offline marketplace through its collaboration with Tokopedia. It was nice to see the works of visual creators such as Diela Maharanie, Lala Bohang, Komikazer and Marishka Soekarna featured prominently all over Jakarta Convention Center’s lobby.

A striking piece by artist/author Lala Bohang.

Comic artist Komikazer’s take on an online seller’s life.

The day-long conference featured the likes of Tyler Brûlé from Monocle and filmmaker Casey Neistat as international speakers as well as Indonesia’s Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani as the keynote speaker. There were also 80 Ideatalks classes in which 120 speakers shared their knowledge and experiences.

Tyler Brûlé, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Monocle.

Casey Neistat, Youtuber and fimmaker.

Isabel Wijsen, Co-founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags.

With collaboration as an underlying tone, we caught a similar message in every session: pursuing the quality of life by building a quality media, experiencing things and inspiring others to do the same through our creations.

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