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From Surabaya to Jakarta.

posted on November 25, 2016

From Surabaya to Jakarta.

Distance does not stop people from learning. This Monday, we were glad to have Universitas Negeri Surabaya students at our office.

Welcomed by our creative directors with an introduction of Kamarupa Group and their perspective in the creative industries, our visitors were enthusiastic to learn. Their excellent minds were mirrored through their smart questions in the Q&A session that followed. We also learned the differences between working as a designer in Surabaya and Jakarta. In Surabaya, designers mostly work individually and are required to have various skills at once, including brainstorm, design, and knowledge about printing while maintaining good relation with customers. On the other hand, in Jakarta, especially Kamarupa, designers work mostly in a team where each person focuses on their own specialty.

After a lot of questions and tips, we guided our visitors to take a peek of our working space. According to the lecturer, Mr. Muhammad Ariffudin, the goal of the company visit program was to motivate the students and to give a big picture about the real design industry. Through the visit to Kamarupa Group, he continued, the goal of the event has been fulfilled.

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