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Freshen Up Your Ramadan

posted on June 3, 2016

Freshen Up Your Ramadan

Kurma/Dates has long been considered as the staple food source in the Middle East due to its nutrition value that suits the climate, which was later introduced and distributed throughout the world by Arabians.

Prior to our Holy Month of Ramadan, on 2th June 2016 PT. Kieran Bahari Aksara held a Mediterranean themed product launch event for their latest creation, Nafoura Kurma Water as the first mass-produced beverage product in Indonesia that innovatively uses the real dates extract as its main ingredient. This product was created to complement Moslems in Indonesia during their fasting period and the rest of the community as an introduction of dates in the form of a bottled drink throughout the year, with all the goodness and nutrition of dates carried into the drink.

During the launching event, Bella Almira was announced as the brand ambassador of Nafoura. As the winner of one of the local Moslem contests, she was considered to be a good fit as a representation of a young and healthy Indonesian Moslem lady .

Nafoura Kurma Water would initially be distributed through mini markets and local modern stores across Java this year, with Sumatra and Sulawesi planned for next year.

We are very proud to be the essential part of its presence in our market from the beginning by conceptualising the brand, its identity, and applying the outcomes into the packaging and other promotional materials. Thank you for the invitation, we enjoyed all the shows as much as we love the drink. Both were enlightening, yet entertaining.

And for the rest of you, Happy fasting and Have a blessed Ramadan.

Learn more on how Kamarupa contributed in creating Nafoura.

Nafoura Nafoura Nafoura Nafoura

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