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Feast Our Eyes with Greenery

posted on April 24, 2019

Feast Our Eyes with Greenery

People say Jakarta is a city that never sleeps. It's also widely known for its hustle and bustle.

Earlier this month, we took a short trip to feast our eyes with the beauty of nature in Sukabumi. A change of scenery from the busy city life to a peaceful rural area is always welcome.

Kamarupa Outing Tanakita

We're so used to rely our daily life on our phones, how we go to the office in the morning, setting up meetings, project discussion, and sometimes to sneak a few minutes here and there for some entertainment.
So, to spend some time in a place where there is no wi-fi and the phone reception is weak is perfect for togetherness and to reconnect with each other.
Kamarupa Outing TanakitaKamarupa Outing Tanakita
Kamarupa Outing TanakitaKamarupa Outing Tanakita
After a day of activities, from hiking to fun games, the night comes and the air starts to get chilly. We cuddle ourselves up close to the bonfire with bandrek and roasted corns.

Kamarupa Outing TanakitaKamarupa Outing TanakitaKamarupa Outing Tanakita

We forget our hustle & bustle for temporarily, we bask in the glory of nature, and we strengthen our communication & workforce as a team.
Kamarupa Outing TanakitaKamarupa Outing Tanakita
Our minds are refreshed and our creative juice are refilled.
We're now back even better than before & with more ideas than ever.

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