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CASA Indonesia 2018

posted on June 25, 2018

CASA Indonesia 2018

CASA Indonesia 2018 returned this year with “One Nation” as its theme, in the event of bringing up the spirit of Indonesia’s local cultural heritage. Our strategic partner, Highstreet Studio, was participating in an awesome installation during the event.

As the largest and most comprehensive living exhibition, including art, architecture, design & living, the event was held for four days, from May 31st until June 3rd. The event took place at Ballroom Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place. CASA Indonesia 2018 had over 70 tenants showing their designs related to art and living.

Highstreet Studio was invited to participate in this year’s event. Planning and preparation were then made for about two months, aligning with CASA Indonesia 2018’s theme, carrying the concept of Indonesia’s local heritage content.

The biggest challenge was to unify 6 heads into one final theme. With 6 different people involved in the planning, ideas were flying around to set the concept.

After brainstorming for the solution, finally one thing agreed to be focused on: the experience of visitors when they visit the installation, using sound to hear, texture to touch, and visuals to see and feel, hoping that it will attract the visitors. Therefore, came up with the concept of The Violent Peace. 

The installation showed the abstract structure of Indonesia’s landscaping. As we know it, behind Indonesia’s beauty and peace, there was violence in natural disasters such as earthquakes and avalanches caused by the natural beauty of Indonesia.

The Violent Peace was a combination of stylations with audio and visuals to complete. It took inspiration from Indonesia’s mountains and seas. The installation itself was a stylation of Indonesia’s mountains while the video mapping was about Indonesia’s ocean.

HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) marbles were the chosen material for the cubes, complete with a motion graphic. The motion graphic itself was a representation of the ocean natural activities, like a storm at sea.

Information cards that were designed by Kamarupa were also given to more than 600 visitors. It was hoped to give them a clear idea about the concept of The Violent Peace, also as something to remember from the installation. Kamarupa also designed the graphics on the installation. 

The visitors' response was amazing, not only taking photos with our installations, they were really interested in the installations and asking more about the concept of The Violent Peace. Some said that our installations were very edgy, with its vertical geometric lines and its reduplication.

The goal was to spread awareness about Indonesia’s landscaping, and appreciating more for Indonesia’s local content. All of these was not a single man work, it was a collaboration between many parties. Thanks to the partners and vendors, with your help, the event was a complete success.

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