Beyond Aesthetics: A Hotel Interior Design Excursion

posted on October 26, 2017

Beyond Aesthetics: A Hotel Interior Design Excursion

A luxury hotel with a sweeping vista of mountain terrain did a great job of refreshing and widening our horizons in doing our craft.

Through the hands of our interior design squad, Highstreet Studio, we have several hotel interior design projects in our portfolio, namely Jatra Pekanbaru Hotel and Pentapolis Hotel among others. Seeing that the hospitality industry wasn’t going to slow down anytime soon, we felt the need to keep our minds sharp in the particular area. Therefore we decided to go on a field trip to Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis at Puncak Ciawi, West Java.

Observing every nook and cranny in certain key areas within the 450-hectare estate, we learned quite a lot about how a hotel interior design should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also —and most importantly— appropriately functional.

During the short, yet memorable trip, we were able to get a first-hand experience as a team in feeling the atmosphere, dimensions and circulation of a 5-star hotel. It was also a time for us to bond and generate ideas as fresh as the mountain air for use in our next projects.

Photo Courtesy of HSS

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